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University of Cincinnati. Intellectual Property Office. UC Firsts. First oral polio vaccine – Albert Sabin First antihistamine, Benadryl – George Rieveschl First safe anti-knock gasoline First electric organ – Winston Koch First use of a YAG laser to remove brain tumor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of University of Cincinnati

  • University of Cincinnati Intellectual Property Office

  • UC FirstsFirst oral polio vaccine Albert SabinFirst antihistamine, Benadryl George Rieveschl First safe anti-knock gasoline First electric organ Winston KochFirst use of a YAG laser to remove brain tumor

  • Mission of Intellectual Property OfficeMain Mission - Technology TransferAssess new invention disclosuresDevelop strategies for protecting Universitys IP Transfer Universitys IP to industry for the public good and commercial gain (increase societys wealth locally and nationally) Promote entrepreneurship through faculty counseling and referralProvide University presence within industrial and investment communities

  • Technology Transfer ProcessProcess begins with the submission of an invention disclosure Evaluation involves the investigation of many complex patent/legal, ownership and business related questions. Esp pre-existing obligations to sponsor

  • Ongoing Administrative ObligationsBayh-Dole ComplianceReportingElection of TitlePatent Filing Decisions Invention Utilization Licensee Diligence Progress reports Milestone, royalty payments

  • Skills SetComplexity of University Technology Transfer demands sophisticated knowledge of many different fields patent law licensing & contract law federal, state, and university polices & laws related to IP in-depth understanding of market trends capacity to understand new technical developmentsWere fortunate in our office to have a team with a highly complimentary skills set (PhD, JD, MBA)

  • Intellectual Property Staff

  • About Our Office Approx 75 active licenses164 active patents$6.5 million in license revenue in FY02Over 50% of US patents issued to us in the last 5 years have been licensed or optioned to industryTop 1/3 of Technology Transfer Offices nationwide, top office in tri-state

  • Invention Disclosures and Patents

  • Licensing Income

  • UC IP Helping to Advance Local FirmsSmall FirmsKY Pharmaceutical firmConsidering license to slow-release diuretic technology and sponsoring research to develop the product. Also considering re-locating R&D from KY to Bio/Start Local Medical Device firm Considering license to early stroke diagnostic technology and also sponsoring research at UC to develop the medical device Local Biosensor firm Interested in acquiring a license to our biosensor technology and partnering with us on development environment monitoring equipment

  • UC Helping Contd Large Firms P&G Pharmaceuticals Collaborative research in area of obesityHalliburtin Oil drilling technology GEAerospace technology

  • Example Recent License AgreementInventors - Drs. Joseph Clark (UC) and Ton Degrauw (Childrens Hospital) and Rima Daouk (Avicena) Licensee - Avicena (Biotech in Cambridge, MA)Invention - Discovered that a mutations in gene that encodes creatine transport protein located on X chromosome (afflicts males) can cause mental retardationCurrently working on a cureLicense complemented with sponsored research agreement designed to determine prevalence of this defect and to identify therapeutics

  • Examples of Faculty Start-upsExtreme Photonics (solid-state display) Apologic (develops drugs for Apo-E related diseases, e.g., Alzheimers) CardioEnergetics (mechanical devices for treating heart failure) Cutanogen (skin substitutes) Allergenics (oral vaccines) Phase 2 Discovery (develops drugs for treating psychiatric and neurologic disorders) Intracellular (cellular imaging instruments)

  • Extreme Photonics"Extreme" Engineering Innovation Launches High-tech Firm An idea born in the labs of Ohio Eminent Scholar Andrew Steckl led to the birth of Cincinnati's newest high-tech company -- Extreme Photonix. The company was started by Steckl, Gieringer Professor of Solid State Microelectronics in the electrical and computer engineering and computer science department. Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) of Tuscon, Ariz., recently announced it would support the company's research and development so prototype products can be made.

  • Examples of Licensing OpportunitiesPharmacogenomics Genetic test for asthma and congestive heart patients to help physician to determine best drugDiagnostic Blood test that can diagnosis any neurological disease (stroke, epilepsy, possibly even Alzheimers) Medical DeviceUltrasonic clot busting device for treating strokeTherapeutic Patented Cystic Fibrosis drug

  • Ultrasound Enhances tPA Thrombolysis

  • QuestionsRichard Kordal, Ph.D., Director, IPO University of Cincinnati Mail Location 0829 Cincinnati, OH 45267-0829Ph: (513) 556-4724Fax: (513) 558-2296Email: [email protected]