United Redeemer Lutheran Church The June/July VOICE 6/6/2019 ¢ ...

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Transcript of United Redeemer Lutheran Church The June/July VOICE 6/6/2019 ¢ ...

  • ELCA SEMN Synod

    560 West 3rd St

    Zumbrota, MN 55992




    June/July 2019

    United Redeemer Lutheran Church

    The June/July VOICE


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    URLC COUNCIL NOTES MARCH Council Updates Financial reports were reviewed in detail and the financial status is stable. The 3R debt has been reduced to $110,500 with a matching campaign that will run through the summer. There are several summer activities being planned related to recognition and further fund raising. Recent activities such as the choir concert, the Adult/ Teen Challenge service and presentation, and the Mother’s Day brunch were successful. Sunday School and confirmation are done for the school year. The summer service schedule will begin on Memorial Day weekend. The Council approved a revised Church Facility rental policy agreement that can be accessed through the church office. A revised pet policy was adopted and will be placed in the policy manual. The Block Party will be held in September. Synod assembly representatives are being sought.


    Have a great summer!


    See you in the fall! Enjoy your summer.


    A volunteer to organize communion assis-

    tants is being sought. This entails schedul-

    ing communion assistants for services.

    Please contact Mary Ayen, Linda Herrick,

    or the church office if interested in assist-

    ing. A list of volunteers for each service is


    Mary Ayen (507) 732-7785

    Linda Herrick (507) 732-5564

    Office (507) 732-7303


    Garage Sale Season is here


    Garage Salers can help the Coat Closet by

    picking up jackets and snow pants in

    good/repairable condition.

    You can donate them, or, we do have a small

    fund available for reimbursements

    Mary Goplen & Deb Wilkinson

    Sarah Arens

    The Travel Concierge presents…...

    Imperial Cities with Oberammergau

    Passion Play

    Budapest, Vienna & Prague

    September 16-26, 2020

    Still time to sign up!! Brochures by the office or

    Contact Marggi at 507.732.7303 if you are interested in

    going on this exciting adventure.



    The Guide Book for your time and talents is complete. We would like each family, in the congregation, to have one. If you haven’t gotten your copy, stop in the church office to pick one up. If you can’t do that, give me a call, I will get it to you. Leah 732-7297

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    URLC Church Council Meeting May 20, 2019

    Minutes prepared by Willie Rauen and Lori Copeman Present: Linda Herrick, Sonia Stehr, Mary Ayen, Lori Copeman, Marla Lodermeier, Willie Rauen, Ron Gabrielson, Rene Arndt, Brett Edstrom Absent:

    Item Discussion Action

    Prayer-Meditation Moment

    Approval of Agenda Motion: By: Marla Second: Brett Motion Passed

    Public comments None

    Approval of Minutes from April 2019

    Motion: to approve the December council minutes By: Ron Second: Willie Motion Passed

    Financials-Treasurer’s report and bill approval – Teri Paul- son came to go through all the financials

    April income: $29392.49 April expenses: $28,123.28 (positive $1269.21) Operating fund balance: $20,089.03 Project 3R Balance as of May: $110,500

    Motion: to approve the treasurer’s report and bills, By: Lori Second: Marla Motion Passed

    Pastor Marggi’s report Adult/teen challenge went well Choir festival was noted. Mother’s day brunch was successful. SS and confirmation done Playground task force has identified members and will be meeting soon.

    Information Only

    President’s Report Need volunteer to organize communion assistants. There was discussion related to re-instituting executive meetings and it was decided that the single board meeting would be sufficient.

    Information Only

    Committee Reports Staff support-no updates Mission/Evangelism- no updates Property Management-cracked window quote; door lock;

    quote mowing approved; fire extinguisher check done; refrigerator has been fixed

    Worship-nothing new Youth & Family Ministry-Sundae Sunday success; No VBS;

    mission trip Social Ministry-no updates Technology Task Force-new candidate for technology sup-

    port during services. Adult Education- no report Trust Fund- meeting next week Project 3R- $110,500 end May; $20,000 match by Aug 31,

    2019; fundraising ideas

    For Information

    3R committee -motion for 1 service July 21

    Motion Approve: Brett Second: Sonia Motion passed

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    Old Business Church Facility Rental-see motion A Playground task force has been formed and will be meet- ing soon. Sanctuary Safe Haven idea that was suggested has been ex- plored. There are insurance implications and a generator would be needed for true sanctuary status. This has been put on hold at this time. Block Party- Sept 15, 2019 3-6 All Committee Meeting-Liaisons were asked to get member- ship list to the church secretary.

    A motion was made to approve the revised church facility rental policy. Motion: Willie Second: Ron Motion passed

    New Business Synod Assembly Rep-hold A revised Pet Policy was presented by the assigned task force.

    Motion: Approval of pet policy Motion by: Brett Second by: Willie Motion approved.

    Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m. Next Meeting: Monday, June 17 2019 at 6:00

    Motion: to adjourn By: Lori Second by: Mary Motion Passed Adjourned by Linda


    We are in need of 3 volunteers to make and serve a meal July 13th!

    We will be feeding the volunteers who are packing up and cleaning out the school after the campers leave. Lunch

    needs to be served at noon in the Pine Island elementary school. (There was a location change from the High School

    to the Elementary School.)

    We will be feeding and serving 25 to 30 people, not including any of our own crew. Feel free to join in for lunch.

    We will need a main course, salad or chips, beverage (water is fine or a beverage cooler with ice water, tea, lemon-

    ade, etc) dessert is optional. Keep it simple! There is no access to the school kitchen, so food will need to be ready to

    eat when you arrive. We should have outlets and chords available if there are crock pots or roasters to plug in.

    There will be paper plates, cups, napkins, and silverware at the school for you. We can choose the menu. Sloppy joes

    are already on the menu for previous days.

    There will be people at the school available to help carry things inside.

    Please let Pastor Marggi know ASAP!

    507-732-7303 (Office) OR 507-961-7255 (Cell)

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    Confirmation classes will begin again in the fall.

    We will have a Parent / Student short meeting on Sept.

    11th & Large Group Class will begin on Sept. 18th


    Those entering 10th gr. will be Confirmed on Sun. Oct.

    27th at the 10:30am Service.

    We’ll have 2 classes in the fall for the 10th gr.

    kids. Dates are Sun. Oct. 6th & 13th at 3pm for the

    kids. We’ll still have a Parent / Youth meeting on Sept.

    11th so you can hear all the details before they get



    Thank you to all our Youth Acolytes, Ushers, & Readers

    this past year! We will not have a schedule during the

    summer. If you are here on any Sunday, & want to help,

    let Pastor Marggi know. We’d love it!

    SUNDAY SCHOOL Thank you for an awesome season of Sunday school! A

    BIG thank you to all our teachers & shepherds! Sunday

    school will begin again in the fall on “Rally Sunday”

    which is set for Sun. Sept. 15th at 9:30am.


    Thanks for all the Noisy Offering this past year! We

    appreciate all the loose change you saved to support

    Sunday school!


    Mark your calendar for the “Car Hop” Friday, June 14th.

    We serve from 4-7pm, rain or shine. We have

    hamburgers/chips/popcorn/root beer floats/& ice

    cream sundaes! This kicks off the Covered Bridge



    *We Congratulate our 17 graduates from United

    Redeemer! Good Job Seniors!

    Tanner Aarsvold, Aaron Buck, Brianna Dose, Josh

    Drackley, Carly Fredrickson, Emily Haugen, Hannah

    Keach, Braden Krause, Haley Jo Kalina, Kyra Nichols,

    Natalye Quam, Jonathan Quenzer, Rylee Schliep, Celina

    Sheda, Tyler Soltau, Blake Stiller, & Marissa Walters

    WYOMING 2019

    The Vans are rented, the hotel is booked!! We are very

    excited for our upcoming mission trip to Sheridan, WY

    July 7th-14th. Please pray for safe travels of our 15

    Youth & 12 Chaperones going on this awesome trip.


    Dan & Cindy Wilson, Jim & Deb B