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  • 1. Unit Testing The PrequelGil Zilberfeld, Product Manager Jan 29th, 2013 @gil_zilberfeld

2. Prepare Know your tools Evaluate the risk Choose your partner@gil_zilberfeld 3. Step 1: What to test What to test: What youre working on Bug or feature? Logic What not to test: Multithreading Stored procedures UI@gil_zilberfeld 4. Step 2: Get ready Pick organization strategy Create test projects Remove fluff VS Im looking at you@gil_zilberfeld 5. Step 3: Pick a scenario Scenario: Context Action Success criteria Pick the simplest one Say it! Name it! Assert it!@gil_zilberfeld 6. How code looks@gil_zilberfeld 7. Simple path test@gil_zilberfeld 8. Happy path test@gil_zilberfeld 9. Step 3: Pick a scenario Scenario: Context Logic Success criteria Pick the simplest one Say it! Name it! Assert it!@gil_zilberfeld 10. Step 4: Identify dependencies Read the code Constructor parameters Fields Statics Global state Mocking strategy None (Integration) Hand-rolled Interface based Anything goes@gil_zilberfeld 11. Lets play: Where are the dependencies?@gil_zilberfeld 12. Step 5: Simplify design Automatic refactoring Close down regions youre not going to cover Rename fields Extract methods Manual refactoring works too but more risky@gil_zilberfeld 13. Step 6: Here we go! Arrange Run Fail Arrange Run Fail .. Success!@gil_zilberfeld 14. Step 7: Next! Pick the next scenario Say it Name it Assert it Mutate the test setup Arrange Run Fail Win!@gil_zilberfeld 15. Congratulations! This is just the beginning Lifetime improvement Picking scenarios Naming Mocking Refactoring and much more!@gil_zilberfeld 16. Questions? www.typemock.comwww.gilzilberfeld.comtypemock.com/bloggilz@typemock.com@typemock@gil_zilberfeld@gil_zilberfeld