Unit Four : Earthquake Period One: Warming up and talking.

download Unit Four : Earthquake Period One: Warming up and talking.

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Transcript of Unit Four : Earthquake Period One: Warming up and talking.

  • Unit Four : Earthquake

    Period One: Warming up and talking

  • What kind of disasters do you know?

  • fire

  • typhoon / Hurricane

  • snow slide

  • volcano eruption

  • mudflow

  • tornado

  • sandstorm

  • flood

  • Tsunami

  • earthquake

  • What if only one thing you can take?moneywaterfruitcakesprecious photocertificatesgoldclothes

  • What has happened?

  • Say something about these two cities.What will happen before an earthquake?Tangshan is a beautiful city with gardens, wide roads.San Francisco is a city with tall buildings thickly standing on the earth.

  • These two cities are famous for their earthquakes during a period of calm.So one should not trust situations that seem peaceful since bad things may happen.

  • 1.Which of the following may cause people the greatest damage? A. Earthquake B. Typhoon C. Flood D. Drought

  • 2.Do you know what would happen before an earthquake?----There is often a great sound. -----Animals too nervous to eat.----There are bright lights in the sky.----A smelly gas may come out of the well.----Water pipes may crack or burst.

  • What do you think may happen before an earthquake?Before an quake, animals will become nervous. Cows, pigs, horses and dogs will be upset. Mice will run about and fish will jump out of water. In winter, people can even see snakes. So earthquake is predictable.

  • Imagine there has been a big earthquake, what will happen to the things around us?cracks, cut across houses, roads and canals, fall down, lie in ruins, destroy, damage, loss

  • What can we do to keep ourselves safe from an earthquake?When an earthquake happens,you are escaping from home,what will you take with you?Why?Talk about the great earthquakes that have ever happened in the world? What damages they caused?

  • Natural disasters occur throughout the world, and China has a particular problem with earthquakes. Tangshan earthquake in 1976 is a case in point. So it is especially important to take steps to reduce the damage caused by quakes.

  • Seismology: the study of Quake recordingsSeismologist:the person who studies quakes.Seismometer:the machine to record seismic waves.Zhang Heng in Han Dynasty:the inventor of the 1st seismology

  • Talk about a big earthquake that happened in the world with your partner.List out the measures that people can take when an earthquake happens.