Unit 2 The United Kingdom Period 1 Warming up Pre-reading Reading comprehending.

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Transcript of Unit 2 The United Kingdom Period 1 Warming up Pre-reading Reading comprehending.

  • Unit 2 The United Kingdom

  • Period 1 Warming up Pre-reading Reading comprehending

  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    ---Albert Einstein

  • Warming up

    Do you still remember1.Who was John Snow?2.Which country was he born in?Lets seeHow much you know about this countrythe UKBy the way,

  • Quiz

    Is it in the UK?Yes or No?The Statue of LibertyBig Ben

  • St. Pauls Cathedral

  • River Thames River Rhine

  • places of interestBuckingham PalaceWhite House

  • Can you tell who is not English?David BeckhamThe Prime Minister Tony Blair, The leader of labor party

  • competition Now youve known a lot about this country. Can you answer

  • 1.What does UK stand for? The United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.2. How many countries does the UK consist of? Four. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.3. Can you name the capital of each country of the UK?

  • EdinburghBelfastLondonCardiffgeography

  • 4.Who rules the country: the Prime Minister or the Queen? A. The Queen B. The Prime Minister C. both5.What are the provinces called in England? A. counties () B. departments C. states6.Which is the longest river in England? A. The River Avon B. The River Thames C. The River Severn

    The Prime Minister Tony BlairQueen Elizabeth II

  • Reading


  • Describe briefly the UK according to the map. 1.The UK is surrounded by ____ in all sides.2. On the west of the Great Britain lies _____________.3. On the south of England lies__________________.4. On the northeast lies _____________.5. On the north is _______________________.waterthe Irish Sea the English Channel the North Sea the North Atlantic Ocean

  • discussion1.England can be divided into three main areas. Do you know what they are?2. What do you know about any cities or towns in the UK?

  • Fast reading skim para12 3 and 4Tower of LondonTrafalgar Square

  • When did Wales link to England?

    What happened in 1603?

    What are the names of the flags of England,

    Scotland, Ireland and the UK?

    In the 13th century AD.

    Great Britain was the name given when England and Wales were joined to Scotland.

    skim and answer

  • National flagUnion JackNational emblem

  • Flag of United Kingdom Cross of St. George (England)Cross of St. Andrew(Scotland)

  • Cross of St. Patrick's (Ireland)Union JackorUnion Flag

  • 4. The Union Jack flag unites the flag of three countries in the United Kingdom, which country is left out? Why?5. What three countries does British Airways represent?1 _________ 2_________ 3_____________Wales, it is usually assumed to be part of EnglandEnglandIrelandScotlandUnion JackEnglandScotlandNorthern Ireland

  • second readingRead para5 &6 thoroughly The NorthThe MidlandsThe South of England

  • major citiesharborship building centercommercial porthome of the Beatleshome of Manchester Unitedsecond largest city iron and steel industry centreGlasgowLiverpoolManchester Birminghamtextile industry centre

  • 1.When were the industrial cities built in Midlands and North England?2.What happened in 1st century AD and 1060s?

    In the 19th century.

    The oldest port was built by Romans & the oldest building was begun by the Anglo-Saxons.3..Which group of invaders did not influence London?The Vikings didnt influence London.

  • Careful reading

    The passage can be divided into three parts, write down the main idea of each part. Part1: para1-3 What England includes; about Great Britain, the UK.Part 2: para45 The geographical division of England into zones, their similarities and differences.

  • Part3: para6 The cultural importance of London.The four groups of invadersThe Romans---



    Normans---towns and roadslanguage and governmentvocabulary and place-names of the Northcastles and words for food

  • According to the text, join lines to the right answer.Para. 1. Explains the joining of England and Wales.Para. 2. States topic to be examined in the reading.Para. 3. Explains the importance of London as a cultural and political centre in the UK.Para. 4. Explains what the term Great Britain means and how it came about.Para. 5. Explains differences in the four countries. Para. 6. Explains how England is divided into three zones.

  • listeningAfter listening, do some T or F questions then retell the three parts.

  • True or FalseFFTF

  • EnglandWalesPart1:How to form the UK?

    In the 13th century AD

  • EnglandWales is usually assumed() to be part ofEngland

  • ScotlandIn 1603

  • Get Ireland connectedto form the United Kingdom

  • educationCambridge University

  • soccerSportswalking, swimming, football , tennis, bicycling, skating ,hiking, boating, horse-riding

    David Beckham

  • Write a short summary of the passage. Homework

  • Period 2 Language points Discovering useful words and expressions. Using words and expressions (WB)

  • Read your summary, please.Pick out those important words and expressions that you think are useful and explain them.

  • Language points (15min)

    1.consist of : include; be made of e.g. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. 2.divide :separate : e.g. The world is divided into five continents.The grinding machine separates the grain from the husk .consist in = lie in () eg: The beauty of air travel consists in its speed

  • 3. debate : 1) [c, u] e.g. hold a debate on a subject There has been little public debate on these issues. 2vi. / vt. / debate the question debate about sth. e.g. We debated about the project for a week.4. clarify vt. 1e.g. Can you clarify that statement?clarify the issue 2clarify butter 5. / ///to ones joy/delight/surprise /horror/disappointment

  • 6. break away (from ) e.g. The prisoner broke away from the guard. break away from conventions break down e.g. The telephone system has broken down.break into break out break up break through / break in 7. convenience n. [c, u] [u] e.g.1) He thinks only of his own convenience.2) a library planned for the users convenience3) at your convenience [c] e.g. The house has all the modern conveniences.

  • It is a convenience to live near the station.convenient adj. be convenient to do be convenient to/for sb. e.g. 1) Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you .2) It was not convenient for him to come here now.3) Will the 3:50 train be convenient for you ?8. attraction1) [u] attracting or being attracted e.g. I cant understand the attraction of fishing. 2) [c] something that attracts sb./sth. e.g. One of the attractions of the job is having a company car.9. treasure 1) [u] e.g. to find buried treasure

  • 2) [c] /e.g. the nations art treasures 3v. /e.g. I will treasure those memories forever.10. construct v. / e.g. Early houses were constructed out of mud.constructive adj. construction n. /11. influence1) [u] influence on/over sb. / sth.e.g. The fact that he is rich and famous had no influence on our decision.2) [c] / influence on sb./sth.e.g. His new girlfriend has been a good influence on him.3) v.

  • e.g. 1 Her style of painting has been influenced by Chinese art. 2You must decide for yourself. Dont let anyone else influence you .affect & influence affect /influence / e.g. 1) Drinking can affect your ability to drive.2The TV advertisements have influenced my attitude towards drinking and driving. 12. evidence [u] / e.g. There was no evidence of a struggle in the room.

  • in evidence evidence proof 13. worth n./pron./ving e.g. The dictionary is worth more than 10 dollars.The city is worth visiting.worthy be worthy of + n./being+p.p. be worthy to do / to be p.p. e.g. 1) This question is worthy of consideration. 2) This question is worthy of being considered. 3) This question is worthy to be considered.

  • worthwhile , /It is worthwhile to do / doing e.g. It is worthwhile to try /trying this experiment.e.g. 1) Working for so little money just isnt worthwhile.2) Medicine is a very worthwhile career.

  • 1. find /have/get/+sb./sth.+done eg. Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well.You look different today .Have you had your hair cut?The long journey got all of us tired . When I got to the station I found the train gone.

  • 2. break away ( ),

  • Discovering useful words and expressions.(9 min)Task 1Complete the passage on p11 within 2 minutes then exchange answers in pairs.Task 2Read it together to check these answers.Task 3Act out the scenes where we can use with emotion after finishing and checking the answers to ex.2

  • Discovering useful words and expressions.answersEx.11.debate 5.legal2.puzzle 6.kingdom 3.conviences 7.attraction4.clarify