Unit 18 New Zealand. Map of the World Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand

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Transcript of Unit 18 New Zealand. Map of the World Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand

  • Unit 18 New Zealand

  • Map of the World

  • Australia New Zealand

  • New Zealand

  • national flagNational emblem

  • National Bird-----Kiwi

  • Beautiful scenery

  • hot springs

  • appreciate


  • Pacific OceanTasman Sea

  • Wellington

  • Auckland

  • Queenstown

  • Language points :1.be made up of Examples:50 The U.S.A is made up of 50 states.Animal bodies are made up of cells.

  • 2.be surrounded by Examples:This house is surrounded by trees..The pop star is surrounded by his fans.

  • 3.Milda mild nature (gentle ,soft)a mild winter ( not cold)a mild climate mild weather She is the mildest person I have evermet.I have a mild headache.

  • 4.while conj. used to show a contrastExamples:,Some people are rich while others are poor.I am interested in music while my brother is fond of sports.

  • Natural beauty

  • HistoryRead and fill in the tableThe first people (the Maori) came to New Zealand.Chinese sailors discovered the islands.The Dutchman Abel Tasman named the islands New Zealand.

    Captain James Cook took possession of the islands.

    The Maori signed an agreement with the European settlers.

    about 1,000 years ago around 1421in 1642in 1769by 1840

  • Hongi--- a traditional Maori greeting that involves pressing noses

  • 5.It (pron. can be used to talk about date, time, distance or weather)Examples:It is March 31st today.It was 11oclock when I went to bed last night.It is very far from my home to school.It was raining when I left the office.

  • 6.settle v. make a place your permanent home Examples:1997He and his family settled in Canada in 1997.He settled his family in a small town.

  • 7.take possession ofExamples:You cant take possession of this diamond necklace.fortThe soldiers took possession of the enemys fort.

  • 8.sign an agreementExamples:Please sign the agreement.China and India signed an energy agreement.They have signed an agreement with this company.


  • 1. The first settlers of New Zealand were____. A. Europeans, mainly British B. islanders of Polynesia in the Pacific C. people from Asian countries D. people from Australia2. Whats the North Island famous for? A. Deep harbors B. A bird called kiwi C. Hot springs D. Dead volcanoes


  • 3. In New Zealand, many people call England the home country because ____.Most of them have been to EnglandMost of the first European settlers were BritishThey share the same national holiday on Feb.6thNew Zealand belonged to England in the pastB

  • Homework1. Review the text and get more information of New Zealand from the Internet.2. Preview the next partword study, and do the exercises on page 40.

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