Unit 10 Packing and Labeling. Listenning& Discuss Useful expressions Situational Dialogues...

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Transcript of Unit 10 Packing and Labeling. Listenning& Discuss Useful expressions Situational Dialogues...

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  • Unit 10 Packing and Labeling
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  • Listenning& Discuss Useful expressions Situational Dialogues Practices
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  • Task Listen & Discuss Listen to the conversation three times and try to answer the following questions after discussing with your partner. 1. What is the packing finally designed for? 2. Why does Mr. Zhang give advice on packing? 3. What does Mr. Zhang think of the packing? 4. What will Mr. Margie do for packing? 5. Do you think they can have further transactions? The customers satisfaction. Because he is friendly to get win-win situation. The size and color are nice. But pattern is unsuitable. He will improve the packing as soon as possible. Yes, they can reach more business in the future.
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  • INTENSIVE LISTENING Mr. Margie: Good morning, Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang: Good morning, Mr. Margie. Mr. Margie: Mr. Zhang, what do you think of the packing design? Mr. Zhang: Frankly speaking, the size and color are nice. But dont you think this pattern is a bit odd? Mr. Margie: Really? But I consider this as fashionable design. Mr. Zhang: Packing is ultimately designed for consumers, so it must meet the mind of the consumers. Improper packing is destined to fail. Mr. Margie: So the inherent value cannot be realized through packing, right? Mr. Zhang: Yes, in addition, I think it would be better to print the simple specification regarding function and usage on the package. Mr. Margie: It will be convenient for customers. Mr. Zhang: Yes. Then I look forward to a new packing next time. Mr. Margie: Thank you a lot for your constructive suggestions. I will improve the packing as soon as possible. Mr. Zhang: You are welcome. I hope we can have a brilliant future in trade.
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  • outer packing/transport packing inner packing cardboard box/carton wooden case foam plastics protect the goods from moisture protect the goods against press fa handle with care packing expenses rough handling Useful Phrases / / / /
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  • Useful Sentence Patterns Packing must be suitable for ocean shipment and sufficiently strong to withstand rough handling in transit. please stencil our initials and order numbers on the outer packing. In order to suit long sea voyage the packing of goods must be improved. We must make it clear that with the different packing material, the packing expenses will be different. Foam plastics are applied to protect the goods against press.
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  • Useful Sentence Patterns Please pay close attention to the packing, otherwise any damage in transit will involve us in large losses. Please ensure that cases are clearly marked and numbered as specified in our order. Cases must be nailed tightly battened and reinforced by overall metal strapping. The appearance of package can catch the eye and be helpful in promoting sales. The loss was due to improper packing, for which the suppliers should be responsible.
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  • Situational Dialogue 1 Mr Zhang: Glad to see you again. Mr Johnson Hi, glad to see you too. Mr Zhang: Have a seat please. What would you like to have, tea or coffee? Mr. Johnson: Tea, please. Thank you. Mr Zhang: Ok. Mr. Johnson, you said on the phone that you want to know something about the packing of the products, right? Mr Johnson Yes, my main purpose of this visit is to see the samples of the packing. And I want to know what kind of packing you plan to use for this consignment of goods? [ ] Mr Zhang : Well, first, we'd like to have your opinions about the packing for these shirts. Mr Johnson: I prefer attractive packing. You know, they catch the eye and promote sales greatly. Mr. Johnson visits Mr. Zhang to talk about packing.
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  • Situational Dialogue 1 Mr Zhang: We are constantly improving our packing to face the fierce competition . As for your shirts, we plan to use a transparent plastic bag to wrap each item , which is also easy for window display .As for the outer wrap, we will use a small elegantly- designed box of Chinese.[ ] Mr Johnson: Sounds good. Could you please let me have a look? Mr Zhang: OK, here is the model. Mr Johnson: Good, it's indeed of attractive. Then, what about protective packing during transit? [ ]
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  • Situational Dialogue 1 Mr Zhang: They will be packed in dozen to one cardboard cartons , with stenciled ......) shipping marks.[ ] Mr Johnson: Thats good. You are really considerate. Mr Zhang: Do you have any more questions about it? Mr Johnson: No. Mr. Zhang, thank you for the time. Mr. Zhang: Youre welcome.
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  • Situational Dialogue 2 Mr. Clinton, an importer from America, is talking about labeling with Mr. Chen, the exporter from China. Mr. Chen: Mr. Clinton, I was told this morning that our goods are not allowed to export to your country. Have you found out whats the problem? Mr. Clinton: First I want to say this matter of labels is entirely our problem. According to present regulations of FDA, The Federal Food and Drug Administration, FDA fruits under the label of Ma Ling are not allowed to import into our country. Mr. Chen: I have to say it is the thing that weve never met before. In my opinion, overly strict regulations are just another way of restricting imports. Mr. Clinton: Ah, theres something in what youre saying.
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  • Situational Dialogue 2 Mr. Chen: Our canned provisions have already been widely sold in various markets abroad , and the Ma Ling Label has now been accepted by most of overseas customers and importers. It is impossible for you to use the label as others? Mr. Clinton: If I could Im willing to . But I must comply with the label requirements according to our law, otherwise we cant clear the consignment through the Customs . Mr. Chen: Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything we can do? Mr. Clinton: Is it possible for you to get round the Ma Ling Factory to print different labels for us?
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  • Situational Dialogue 2 Mr. Chen: Yes, they might consider it if your requirements are reasonable. Mr. Clinton: Only two languages can be used on the labels according to FDA. Since there are two principal display panels on the label, one can be in English and the other in Chinese. The important point is to have information on one of the panels in English only. Mr. Chen: OK, the other two languages should be deleted . Anything else? Mr. Clinton: No, just the two things. Sorry to cause you so much trouble. Mr. Chen: Glad we can help. Ill give you a final word in several days. Mr. Clinton: OK. Thank you.
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  • Practices Task 1 Work in pairs to practice the following useful expressions (in its proper form) in situational dialogues. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) my main purpose is to prefer catch the eye as for plan to import into In my opinion in various markets abroad comply with get round reasonable The important point is final word
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  • Practices Task 2 Translate the following into Chinese. (1)These goods are very expensive, and easily damaged. (2) We prefer the most economical packaging. (3) The cost if this article includes packaging. (4) As a rule, the buyer ought to bear the charges of packaging. (5) For dangerous and poisonous cargo, the nature and the generally adopted symbol shall be marked conspicuously on each package.
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  • Practices Task 2 Translate the following into Chinese. (6)We pack each item in a box, a dozen to a box and 10 dozens to a wooden case. (7) Nowadays many kinds of drinks are packed in paper tins. (8) All the cases are strongly packed in compliance with your request. (9) The goods must be packed in five-ply strong paper bags as stipulated in the contract. (10) Attractive label is very necessary.
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  • Practices Task 2 Translate the following into Chinese. (11) The washing instructions are on the label. (12) Be sure to label all boxes. (13) The label of two companies all appears in the product to wrap mount. (14) Record the quality records, and label on the production under requirement.
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  • Practices Task 3 Translate the following into English. (1) We always take extra care with every shipment. (2) As this article is fragile, please case it into durable packaging. (3) The outer packing should be strong enough for transportation. (4) As to the inner packaging, it must be attractive and helpful to the sales. (5) The wooden case should be strong enough to protect the goods from any damage.
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  • Practices Task 3 Translate the following into English. (6) Please pack one micro-wave oven to a cardboard box, 4 sets to a wooden case. (7) The outer packing in carton or in wooden cases is at your option. (8) Please make sure that the packaging is strong enough to stand rough handling. (9) All the sale items had special labels. (10) We have a wonderful label ourselves.
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  • Practices Task 3 Translate the following into English. (11) The suitcase is incorrectly labeled. (12) Packaging and labeling materials should conform to established specifications. (13) We label the products according to the industry accepted method. (14) They have reach an agreement on new labeling. (15) Youd better label the drink with the amount of caffeine and other ingredients clearly.
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  • Practices Task 4 Compose a dialogue on the following situa