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Unique Bootcamp WorkoutsDiscover how You Can Create an Unlimited Supply Of Fun, Unique Creative WorkoutsDear Fitness Professional,What would you give if you could easily whip up an amazing session plan in less than 5 minutes flat? Free up valuable time, sky-rocket your earning potential and become the go-to fitness provider in your area

Introducing, Unique Bootcamp Workouts...

A complete set of unique workout components, giving you an endless supply of literally millions of different workout combinations:Over 160 bootcamp workout concepts, each ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour in duration36 Fun Team Games36 Partner Challenges28 Team Competition Challenges20 Creative Team Competition Circuits15 Metabolic Finisher DrillsPLUS 5 AMAZING BONUS Products!Pick n mix to make your workouts unique and fun, EVERY session!Imagine if..You never had to write another workout from scratchever again. I mean, EVER again!You had the time to spend getting clients, marketing your services, making vital client care calls etc..You could put a fun, creative and unique workout together in under 2 minutes instead of it taking you two hours.

You could physically guarantee to a prospect that every session will be fun, creative and unique. (Now thats one heck of a bold statement!)You had the time to grow your business, hire new staff, set up a new location etc.You could save yourself at least 10 hour per week and not have to worry where your next fun, unique and creative session plan was going to come from.GAME CHANGER:I am genuinely pleased to present you with arguably the best material you will ever find. Make EVERY one of your fitness bootcamp sessions engaging and results-driven. Now you can boost referrals, dramatically increase retention rates, save time & money, and put YOURSELF on the map as the GO TO fitness bootcamp in your area.Fitness Tests

BONUS 1:Individual Challenges Value $19

BONUS 2: Fitness Tests Value $19

BONUS 3: Fun Fillers Value $19

BONUS 4: Three Person Drills Value $19


Who is Unique Bootcamp Workouts For?Indoor/outdoor bootcamp instructorsCircuit training instructorsOther group fitness instructors training small or large groupsPersonal TrainersSchool teachers, colleges, universitiesSports team coaches

Why Unique Bootcamp Workouts?Over a thousand bootcamp ideas tried and tested on real people over a three year period. Only the very best have made it in to Unique Bootcamp workouts.Guaranteed uniquely creative content that doesnt exist anywhere else in the world.Personally guaranteed to sky rocket client retention, increase your referral rates and put you on the map as the go to trainer in your area.

It was created with you in mind to solve our biggest problem, how can we generate a continuous supply of fun unique and creative workouts? Well now you can.FAQsWhat are the benefits of adding teamwork to my bootcamp?Well, the benefits are multiple! Firstly, it encourages and motivates people in a positive way. Encouraging the team to help one another and cheer each other on adds trust to the group. Secondly, your campers are far more likely to put in extra effort to help their team win. And of course, extra effort = better results! And we all know that teamwork is fun.

I run my bootcamp in an indoor facility, will these ideas work for me?They sure will! I use the example of moving around the park between components but this is not essential. Workout ideas can easily be put together to make a workout that works really well in a relatively static setting. Try it!I have an outdoor bootcamp but I use a tennis court so I am limited for space. Will I be able to apply your ideas to my setting?Of course! The ideas can easily be worked around any sized space, indoor or outdoor. In fact, if you are using a facility where you remain pretty static, its even more important to inject variety in to your workouts so that your campers do not get bored!I am a personal trainer but I like the idea of using challenges and competition with my clients. Will this work?Certainly! Nearly all of the workout ideas can be adapted for one participant. Instead of having teams competing against one another, individuals can compete against themselves in a time or reps challenge. Email me for more specific ideas on this.So let me recap, this is a series of workout components, ranging in duration, which I can mix-and-match to form endless combinations, add my own exercises to, in order to tailor it to my clients ALL for JUST $97?You betcha! Thats why I call it The Ultimate Workout Creation Tool! Talk about good value!Workouts that work take a look at my clients!

Workouts that work take a look at my clients!

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