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Unilever Global Strategy Council Summit Recap. Identified Growth Priorities Growth Priorities Translated to Investment Plans Role of M&A for Future of Unilever M&A Group Recommendation & Presentation. Unilever High Growth Priorities . Translating Growth Priorities Into Investment Plans . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Unilever Global Strategy Council Summit Recap

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Unilever Global Strategy Council Summit RecapIdentified Growth Priorities Growth Priorities Translated to Investment PlansRole of M&A for Future of UnileverM&A Group Recommendation & Presentation

Richard Rivers Head of Strategy

1Unilever High Growth Priorities 45 Seconds 2Translating Growth Priorities Into Investment Plans

Category Portfolio Growth Priorities Current Investment Status- 1 minute -Slide 12/163Role of M&A for Future Unilever Growth

CompetitivenessAttractiveness-1 minAttractiveness Big Markets, High Growth, High Margin, Demographics, Trends, Vitality Competitiveness High Global Share, High Local Share, Brands, Technologies, Innovation 4Growth Priorities satisfied by Hain*The color GREY representsunsatisfied growth priority4/5 Growth Priorities Satisfied by Hain Celestial Group 5

Road Map

Cultural Fit/ Strategic Fit Strategies Post Acquisition Value Offer Logistics of Acquisition

Cultural/Strategic Fit Better Future for Our Children Healthier Future More Confident Future Better Future for Our Planet Better Future for Farming/ Farmers Healthy Products Healthy Packaging Healthy Environment Healthy Communities


Sustainability Sustainable Living Plan Cleaner Planet Together Initiative Fairtrade vanilla and almonds Sustainable forest project Reduced packaging by 5% Decreased CO2 by 492.2 tons Award winning Belgium, UK, Canada manufacturing plants

Social Responsibility Flora/Becel margarine Vaseline Skin Care Foundation Lifebuoy soap Doves Campaign for Real Beauty Safe drinking water to 500 million people by 2020 World Food Programme

Natural and Organic Over 400 gluten free products Reducing calories, fat, sodium, sugar 97% products non-GMO certified Feed the Children, Second Harvest, Bowery Mission


Global FootprintFoods/ RefreshmentsPersonal Care ProductsMarketing/Advertising Costs

1. Global Footprint Currently 17.2% of net sales are in US Expected 7.03% positive increase Unilever US sales

14% of sales in International marketExpected 36% growth with expansion into Middle east, Russia, Asia, Africa, India

*combined companies create greater financial value, drive greater market efficiencies and remain nimble to better capitalize on international market opportunities11

2. Foods & Refreshments

Accomplish our Sustainability Goal Tap into organic foods, tea market Revenue growth increase 1% with acquisition

Of doubling the company by 202012

3. Personal Care Products

A Hain Celestial strength Decrease competition in U.S. Unilever mens personal care gaining prominence in U.S. 0.5% increase in growth rate

4. Marketing & Advertising Costs

Necessary increase of Hain Celestials marketing budget Results in 2% increase in operating expenses Creates future growth of brands

The success of Hain beauty product, combined with Unilevers ability to market its products. 14Post Acquisition Value

The Offer

$3.62 BStock$2.53 BCash$1.09 B Disposition of Board/ Employees

Together we can

Enter new foreign marketsStrengthen our brandsContinue to be socially responsible

Increase our value