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Microsoft Word - UNIFORM CODE POLICY.docJoseph W. Grier Academy
Uniform Dress Code Policy
Joseph W. Grier is a uniform school. We believe that when students follow a dress code, there is less distraction and competition for our students. This allows the students to focus on expressing their individuality through their academics. The Uniform Dress Code is designed to encourage neatness, to promote safe and orderly behavior, and to foster pride in one’s self and school. Thank you for having your children in uniform daily. Uniforms may be purchased at: Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, etc. En la Academia Joseph W. Grier usamos uniformes. Creemos que cuando los niños usan uniformes hay menos distracciones y competencia entre los alumnos. Eso le permite a los alumnos a enfocarse a expresar su individualismo en materias académicas y no en la ropa. El código de uniforme esta diseñado a fomentar pulcridad, buen cuidado con su persona, orden en su persona y su comportamiento y a inducir orgullo en su persona y en su escuela. Gracias por hacer que su hijo/a use su uniforme diariamente. Los uniformes pueden ser comprados en: Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, etc. Boys Must Wear: Los Niños tienen que usar:
• Khaki colored shorts - Pantalones cortos color khaki or slacks Pantalones largos
• Navy Blue shirt (camisa azul marino) or White (o Blanca) • short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt (de mangas cortas o largas)
with collar (con cuello) • Shirts must be tucked in at all times (Las camisas tienen que estar metidas dentro del pantalón siempre.) • Navy Blue or White Sweatshirt or Pullover (i.e. sweater or Sweater vest) (Sudadera azul marino o Blanca o pullover como sweaters o chalecos ) • Black or Brown Belt (Cinturones negros o marrones)
• When the weather is cold, the students can use sweatshirts,
• sweaters
• or vests
• navy blue or white • If students bring a coat, they can not wear it all the time since it is warm inside.
To stay within the requirements of our school group uniform, we must stay with the color navy blue or white for tops and khaki for pants.
• Shoes should be closed toe and comfortable so the students can play safely on the playground.
Girls Must Wear: Las niñas tienen que usar:
• Khaki colored shorts, (pantalones cortos color khaki) • Slacks (o pantalones largos)
• jumpers, skirts (faldas)
• or skorts • Bike pants or leggings may be worn under skirts
• Navy Blue or White short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt with a collar
(Camisa azul marino o Blanca con mangas cortas o largas y con cuello) (mire las fotos de arriba) • shirts must be worn tucked in at all times (Las camisas tienen que estar metidas dentro de los pantalones siempre.) • Navy Blue or White Sweatshirt or Pullover (i.e. Sweater or Sweater Vest) (Sudaderas azul marino o blancas y chalecos como sweaters) • Black or Brown belt (Cinturones negros o marrones )
• The length of shorts and skirts must be no higher than 3 inches above your child’s knee (las faldas y los pantalones cortos no pueden ser mas cortos que 3 pulgadas arriba de la rodilla)