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UNFORGETTABLE VACATIONS My best holiday was in week recess to Manizales , where I spent a beautiful week sharing beside my daughter and my husband.

Trip with my daughter on Thursday, October 8, 2015 in the evening hours , we traveled overland , arriving at Manizales on Friday morning, there we waited for my husband to spend time with him. And go out and meet beautiful places in the city.

On Friday we went to visit the Sesquicentennial Forest Park is a beautiful nature reserve in the middle of town , there are a small amusement swimming pool and quiet nature trails.

On Saturday we had an uncomplicated plan , we went to Cyprus to eat one of the famous wafer and cholao that is delicious , there is a gazebo where at dusk you can see most of the department of Caldas , the monument is also the Colonizers and the Observatory Park.

Sunday was a holiday and we could spend all day with my husband , then decided to go to La Rochelle resort is 32 km from Manizales and with an average temperature of 27 C , there were enjoying a lovely day of swimming.

On Monday we visited the town of Villa Maria reaching there on aerial cable , they say there preparing " the world's most delicious sausages " for the truth are very rich.