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  • Strengthening Community University Research Partnerships:


    Edited by Budd Hall, Rajesh Tandon, Crystal Tremblay

  • Edited by Budd Hall, Rajesh Tandon, Crystal Tremblay

    Strengt hening Commu nity Univer sity Research Partnerships:


    UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education

    United NationsEducational, Scientific and

    Cultural Organization

  • Publi shed by t he Univer sity of Victoria, 3800 Finnerty Road, Victoria, British Columbia Canada V8P 5C2

    2015 Univer sity of Victoria and PRIA T he moral rights of t he authors have been asserted

    ISBN 978-1-55058-562-9 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-55058-560-5 (PDF) ISBN 978-1-55058-561-2 (EPUB)ISBN 978-1-55058-563-6 (mobi)

    Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

    Strengt hening commu nity univer sity research partnerships : global perspectives / edited by Budd Hall, Rajesh Tandon, Crystal Tremblay.

    Co-publi shed by: PRIA.Includes bibliographical references. Issued in print and electronic formats. ISBN 978-1-55058-562-9 (paperback).--ISBN 978-1-55058-560-5 (pdf).--ISBN 978-1-55058-561-2 (epub).--ISBN 978-1-55058-563-6 (mobi)

    1.Education, Hig her--Research. 2.Communities--Research. 3.Commu nity and college. I.Hall, Budd L., editor II.Tandon, Rajesh, editor III.Tremblay, Crystal, editor IV.PRIA, issuing body V.Univer sity of Victoria (B.C.), issuing body

    LB2326.3.S773 2015 378.103C2015-904593-2 C2015-904594-0

    This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons License, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative 3.0 Unported Canada: see www.creativecommons.org. T he text may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that credit is given to t he original author(s).

    To obtain per mission for uses beyond those outlined in t he Creative Commons license, please contact t he Copyright Office, Univer sity of Victoria at copyright@uvic.ca


  • Our book is dedicated to Dr. Martha Farrell, activist on behalf of

    womens rights, Director of PRIA and wife of Dr. Rajesh Tandon.

    Dr. Farrell was killed on Wednesday May 13, 2015 while in Kabul

    Afghanistan providing gender training. Marthas work over her

    lifetime has inspired and continues to inspire us as we seek ways

    for communities and universities to work toget her to improve t he

    lives of women and ot hers in every corner of t he world.





    v FOREWORDDr. David Malone, Rector, United Nations Univer sity



    1 CHAPTER 1 Introduction

    Rajesh Tandon, Budd L Hall and Crystal Tremblay

    5 CHAPTER 2 Knowledge, Hig her Education and t he Institutionalization of Commu nity-Univer-

    sity Research PartnershipsFelix Bivens, Johanna Haffenden and Budd L Hall

    31 CHAPTER 3 Global Trends in Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships

    Crystal Tremblay

    41 CHAPTER 4 Introduction to Case Studies

    Rajesh Tandon and Wafa Singh

    53 Argentina It Takes Two to Tango: Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships in Argentina

    Walter Lepore and M. Alejandra Herrero

    73 Brazil Celebrating Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships: Experiences in Brazil

    Crystal Tremblay, Jutta Gutberlet and Mic helle Bonatti

    95 Canada Kamcwkalha1: Canadian Approac hes to Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships

    Leslie Brown, Joanna Ochocka, Sylvie de Grosbois and Budd L Hall

    113 India India: New Hopes and Fresh Beginnings

    Wafa Singh and Rajesh Tandon

    129 Indonesia Long Road to Heaven: Active Roles for Indonesian Universities with Communities

    Citra Wardhani and Nur Sri Ubaya Asri

  • 149 Ireland Commu nity-Univer sity Research and Partnerships in Ireland: Confronting

    t he Crossroads Lorraine McIlrath

    163 Jordan Strategizing for t he Kingdoms Future: Commu nity-Univer sity Research

    Partnerships in Jordan Danielle Feinstein and Mohammad Rabai

    181 Net herlands Strengt hening Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships: Science Shops in

    t he Net herlands Henk Mulder and Gerard Straver

    197 South Africa One Bangle Cannot Jingle: Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships in

    South Africa Thierry M. Luesc her-Mama shela, Judy Favish and Sonwabo Ngcelwane

    221 Uganda Strengt hening Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships within t he Context

    of Commu nity-Univer sity Engagement: T he Case of Two Ugandan Universities and One NGO George Ladaah Openjuru

    235 United Kingdom Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships: United Kingdom

    Sophie Duncan and Paul Manners

    255 United States T he United States: Opportunities for Growth in a Dynamic Landscape

    Elizabeth Tryon, Philip Nyden and Dadit Hidayat

    273 CHAPTER 5 A Comparative Analysis of Country Wide Hig her Educational Policies,

    Institutional Structures, and Regional Networks on Commu nity-Univer sity Engagement (CUE) and Commu nity-Univer sity Research Partnerships (CURPs) Rajesh Tandon and Wafa Singh

    303 CHAPTER 6 Conclusion

    Rajesh Tandon and Wafa Singh

  • iii


    Table 2.1 Terminology and Traditions Associated with CBR 12

    Table 4.1 Periodization of Policy Development 199

    Figure 5.1 Smart Practice: T he Univer sity Volunteering Program 58

    Figure 5.2 PSWM project management council 80

    Figure 5.3 Decision-making mechanisms in CEPAGRO projects 90

    Figure 5.4 T he history of t he institutionalization of commu nity engagement in Indonesia 131

    Figure 5.5 T he institutional context of commu nity engagement 138 at Universitas Indonesia

    Figure 5.6 UIs budget 2009-2015 for Commu nity Engagement 138 Grants (CEGs). Note: Predicted budget for 2015

    Figure 5.7 Eight focuses of commu nity engagement at UI 140

  • iv


    CBO Commu nity-based organization

    CBR Commu nity-based research

    CBPR Commu nity-based participatory research

    CBT Commu nity-based training

    CE Commu nity engagement

    CUE Community-university engagement

    CURP Community-university research partnership

    CS Civil society

    CSO Civil society organization

    GACER Global Alliance for Commu nity Engaged Research

    GUNi Global Univer sity Network for Innovation

    HE Hig her education

    HEI Hig her education institution

    NGO Non-govern mental organization

    S-L Service learning

    SDGs Sustainable development goals

    UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • v


    From t he perspective of t he United Nations Univer sity (UNU), this volume has particular resonance. In this, its fortieth anniversary year, t he UNU looks back at its history, dedicated from t he outset to ensuring that academic research directly addresses t he questions of most concern to t he United Nations. UNUs strengths lie at t he interface of evidence-based research and policy, based on t he premise that t he best policy has to be informed by evidence. Today, t he UNU con-tinues in its mission, pursuing research in five t hematic clusters: Peace, Security and Human Rights, Development Gover nance, Population and Health, Global Change and Sustainable Development, and Science, Technology and Society. It does this whilst at t he same time continuing to develop its role as a bridge between international and national policy makers and academia and as a vehicle for ensur-ing that key human development concerns are kept on t he international agenda.

    As such, it is with great pleasure that I write to support t he research of IDRC, SSHRC, GUNi and t heir partners in strengt hening community-university research partnerships. T e Global Univer sity Network for Innovation (GUNi) has, for over fifteen years, led an innovative agenda of work, supported by its three partner institutions, UNU, UNESCO and T e Catalan Association of Public Universities. Tis current volume is t he latest in a series of cutting-edge analy-ses of contemporary academic practice and innovative collaborative methodology. Alongside t he importance of developing research in key areas, it is also crucial that all of us working in this sector take a reflective stance regarding our methodologi-cal approac hes and more general ways of working. Volumes such as this one enable those of us engaged in research and research partnerships to evaluate our proce-dures and look towards developing ever more improved processes in t he future.

    Research partnerships are key to ensuring a dynamic and collaborative research agenda and to breaking free from traditional disciplinary and ot her boundaries to research excellence. Tis has been key to UNU strategic development, through collaborations both within and outside t he UNU system. One most recent exam-ple is t he UNU Migration Network. Tis network of over fifty experts in migra-tion research, based in UNU institutes worldwide, and coming from a range of t hematic and disciplinary backgrounds, was launc hed in 2013 from t he UNU Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM) in Barcelona. It already has a number of projects, involving both researchers from across t he network and external partners, and is continuing to develop new forms of partner-ships within t he migration field and beyond.

    Tis is an exciting moment for institutions of research and hig her education. T e GUNi mission of ensuring that universities develop under a vision of public service, r