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Transcript of Undisputed Market Leader in Powder Coatings . · PDF fileAkzoNobel Undisputed Market...

  • AkzoNobelUndisputed Market Leader in Powder Coatings






    What are Powder Coatings?A powder coating is a solvent-free, decorative and protective coating applied to metal and other conductive surfaces. Its applied using a spray gun or fl uidized bed dipping, and baked in an oven, where the powder melts and then sets on the substrate, providing an even fi nish.

    AkzoNobel Powder Coatings at a glance

    About Powder CoatingsMarket segments

    Architectural Automotive General Trade Coaters Functional General Industrial and Consumer

    Products used on Windows, doors and facades Pipes, steel rebar Electrical insulation Agricultural and construction equipment Alloy wheels Automotive underbody Automotive underhood components IT components Telecommunications equipment Domestic appliances Furniture





    00Product brands 2 global brands: 4 regional brands:

    Global market size for Powder Coatings: ~8 bn

    More than 30,000customers worldwide

    29 sites in20 countries

    Undisputed global #1in fast growing market

    Sustainability Improved longevity (retains its perfect looks, less need for repair) Improved productivity (fewer processing steps, less energy use) Reduced waste (overspray powder can be reused) Reduced drying temperature (high effi ciency cure) Reduced material use Environmentally friendly (no volatile organic compounds, no toxic heavy metals)

    Durability and protectionTough, resilient, weather-resistant

    Colors and texturesVast range of colors, textures and special fi nishes

    GrowthStrongly growing market driven by increased demand for powder coatings as a response to stricter environmental policies and demand for sustainable solution.

    New applications in all segments Increased capacity in Asia Geographic expansion in India, China and Thailand Innovative product developments

    Why Powder Coatings?