Understanding work team

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  • Understanding Work TeamKelompok 5 : Kirano SoewondoFariz HutamaFakhrurroji M Fadhil ParmatoMega Nur Innama

  • WHATS MAKE A TEAM?Teams typically outperform individuals.Teams use employee talents better.Teams are more flexible and responsive to changes in the environment.Teams facilitate employee involvement.Teams are an effective way to democratize and organization and increase motivation.

    TEAMA team is a small number of people with complementary skill who are commited to a common purpose and certain shared goal for which they hold themselves mutually accountableWhy have team become popular

  • TEAM VS GROUPA group that interacts primarily to share information and to make decisions to help each group member perform within his or her area of responsibility.Goal Synergy AccountabilitySkillsWork GroupWork TeamA group whose individual efforts result in a performance that is greater than the sum of the individual inputs.VS

  • TYPE OF TEAMS5 to 12 employees from the same departmentdiscuss ways of improving quality, efficiency, and the work environment.

    10 to 15 employees take on the respon-sibilities of their former supervisors

    Employees from about the same hierarchical level, but from different work areas, who come together to accomplish a task.The absence of paraverbal and nonverbal cuesA limited social contextThe ability to overcome time and space constraints

    Problem Solving Team

    ?Self Managed TeamCross Functional Team Virtual Team

  • TEAM EFFECTIVENESSCONTEXTCOMPOSITIONPROCESSAdequate resourcesLeadership and structureClimate of trustPerformance evaluation and rewards systems

    Abilities of membersPersonalityAllocating rolesDiversitySize of teamsMember FlexibilityMember preferences

    Common purposeSpecific goalsTeam efficacyConflict levelsSocial loafing

    PROCESSCommon purposeSpecific goalsTeam efficacyConflict levelsSocial loafing



  • TURNING INDIVIDUALS INTO TEAM PLAYEROvercoming individual resistance to team membership.Countering the influence of individualistic cultures.Introducing teams in an organization that has historically valued individual achievement

    Teams arent always the answer3CHALLENGE!!