Understanding and defeating racism

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Transcript of Understanding and defeating racism

  • 1. Understanding and Defeating RacismANGGA PRADIPTHA4113013

2. What is Racism?? RACISM IS DISCRIMINATION BASED ON ETHNIC BACKGROUND RACISM IS A SYSTEM IN WHICH RACIALPREJUDICE IS BACKED BY POWER 3. Type of Skin colorWealth Money also can make In many country , skin racism. People who color is one of cause ofhaven`t enough money racism. easier discriminated by someone. 4. Type of Racism 2ReligionGender Recently many part of Gender of people also country in this world make people racist. being racism with the religion of someone. 5. Why some people are racist??PEOPLE ARE RACIST BECAUSE THEY ARE TAUGHT TO BE.BECAUSE THEY LIFE IN SITUATION THAT RACIST ALWAYS HAPPENING.OR MAYBE THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS. 6. Anti-Racism DO YOU KNOW THIS WORD??ANTI-RACISM MEANS BELIEFS, ACTIONS,MOVEMENTS, AND POLICIES ADOPTED OR DEVELOPED TO OPPOSE RACISM. 7. How to destroy racism today?? ONE WAY THAT I THING TO DESTROY RACISM IS TRY TO RESPECT TO ANOTHERPEOPLE SITUATION. WE KNOW ALL OF PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE TOGETHER WITHOUT ANY DIFFERENCES. 8. That`s all and Thank you