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Unbox makes a debut!

Transcript of UNBOX 2011 | Festival Highlights

  • 2012 Action At the intersectionsFebruary 2-5, 2012 / New Delhi, iNDia

  • the UnBox Festival celebrates interdisciplinary processes and experiences that shape contemporary thought and action.

  • unbox invites participants from all walks of life practitioners, students, educators and institutions, who are redefining professional, social and cultural engagement in their contexts. Together, new forms and experiences emerge to challenge traditional notions of work, play and discourse.

    While the first edition of UnBox in 2011 was widely recognized as a pioneering event that bridged disciplines; the UnBox experience in 2012 will dive deeper into the possibilities of collaborative practice.

  • UnBox is an immersive journey through ideas embedded in design thinking & innovation. It uses multiple, non-linear formats that encourage interaction and ideation.


  • UnBox Festival lies at the intersection of a Conference & Partner FestivalsEyeMyth, BeatRepeat, Technodrome, BlowUp & FoodLabeach of which explores multiple facets of creative practice.

    innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration

    visual Music & Moving iMages

    literature, spoken word & new Media

    urban artselectronic Music & digital art Food concept & design

    photographypublic access & engageMent

    unbox conFerence eyeMyth beatrepeat

    technodroMe Foodlab blowup

  • UnBox conferenceConceived & Managed by: innovation consultancyQuicksand and brand + communication design practiceCodesign.

    innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration

  • unbox 2012

    UnBox conference 2012The keystone unbox event is a two day Conference that furthers the practice of innovation & interdisciplinary collaboration through keynotes, discussions and workshops anchored by leading and emerging practitioners.

    In 2012, the UnBox Conference will:

    Make creativity accessible Showcase stories of success & failure in equal measure to demonstrate that innovation is within reach and real

    engage all the senses Offer combinations of different sensorial experiences to to spark off new inspirations

    encourage interaction Bring new perspectives into the community, and build strong, impactful collaborations and networks

  • Faces of UnBox Conference 2011:

    JOhn ThaCkaraDesign Thinking

    aShISh raJPaLEducation

    MP ranJanDesign Education

    LakShMI MUrThyParticipatory Social Communication

    SanTOSh DESaISociety & Media

    ParMESh ShahanIDocumenting Cultures

    Vk MaDhaVanDevelopment

    nICO DOnaLDCreative Industries

    harSh PUrOhITSustainibility

    POOJa SOODart & Curation

  • Business Web-based Entrepreneurship young Creative Entrepreneurs with British Council Constructing Contemporary Indian Brands Global Businesses creating Local Impact new Tools for Business Innovation

    Development Open frameworks: Democratizing Innovation new Frontiers in Policy-making and research Technology for research and Social Change Creating Livable Urban Spaces Towards Participative Governance Innovations in Institutional Education

    Culture reinterpreting Traditional Crafts activism through Media and art Credible Contemporary Indian Curators User Driven Information Platforms Interventions in Public Spaces architecture and Projectionism Live Cinema Tools for Ethnographic Storytelling

    Programming Directions in 2012 include:

  • literature, spoken word & new Media

    BeatrepeatCurated by: The GreenHouse, a pioneering community arts space in Delhi.

  • Beatrepeat 2012beatrepeat is a literature festival that brings interdisciplinary perspectives to the spoken and written word using electronic music, cinema, dance, new media and space design. The Festival format uses an experimental crowd sourced content and spoken word performances in public spaces. In the lead up to Beatrepeat 2012, several events are being organized in Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay. www.beat-repeat.com

    Experiences in 2012 include:

    Live readings and performances Installations, video booths and collaborative projects between established and emerging writers, artists and performers Workshops on bookmaking, independent publishing, creating and hosting webzines an exhibition of Indian book cover art and comic culture

    unbox 2012 partner Festival

  • technoDromeConceived and managed by: Qilla Records, an independent techno label and BLOT, a leading creative collective in India. TechnoDrome is organized with support from The Goethe-Institut.

    urban artselectronic Music & digital art

  • TechnoDrome is an urban arts festival focusing on electronic music, VJ-ing and digital art. it locates, creates and hosts new projects centred around artistic collaboration and cross-cultural exchange between local and international artists.

    TechnoDrome began as a concept in 2010, to build new platforms for emerging and urban art forms. Since then, it has evolved to establish a platform that is synonymous with presenting and affecting the changing face of Indian and global culture.

    Experiences in 2012 include

    Club nights with live performances at multiple venues in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru MIa (music, installation, architecture): combines experimental architecture, music and fashion to create an immersive social space which will host an independent fashion weekend. 2 digital art exhibitions hosted in new media galleries Master classes on music production, digital art forms, and independent music publishing.

    unbox 2012 partner Festival

    technoDrome 2012

  • eyeMythConceived and managed by: A/V collective BLOT and community arts platform, Greenhouse.

    visual Music & Moving iMages

  • eyeMyth is a festival that visualizes music through films, performances, and installations. Since 2010, as an annual event it has showcased inspired approaches and techniques.

    In 2012 EyeMyth will expand its scope by featuring:

    a film program curated from the work of established and emerging film-makers, musicians and new media artists from around the world. These will be screened at several public and private venues across India in February and March 2012. audiovisual performances which demonstrate the interplay of the senses of sight and sound. Master classes by performers and experimental artists to give participants insights into the creative and technical process surrounding music visualization. new media installations and interactive environments that showcase local artists Online archive of past and present editions of EyeMyth + partner content will be launched during the 2012 festival. The first EyeMyth Label DVD will be produced and released.

    unbox 2012 partner Festival

    eyeMyth 2012

  • FoodLabOrganized and facilitated by: The Grey Garden, a conceptual restaurant in New Delhi.

    Food concept & design

  • in the tradition of playing with media forms and creative processes, unbox Festival 2012 will set up a laboratory framework to experiment with food design + concepts. The lab is a collective of invited artists who will bring experiences and ideas to the Festival.

    In 2012, participating artists will curate an entire spectrum of food experiences during the Unbox Festival, including:

    Daily meals for participants Food fellowship hosted at the Grey Garden Supper clubs for social networking Projects interweaving culinary arts with community driven experience and design

    unbox 2012 partner Festival

    FoodLab 2012

  • BlowUpConceived by: BlindBoysan India based photography initiative founded in 2009. BlindBoys holds regular meetings to execute collaborative street exhibitions, using online and offline forums to share and showcase new photography.

    photographypublic access & engageMent

  • blowup is a platform to encourage photographers to show their work in public using effective and affordable means. More importantly, it is a way for the general public to engage with photography freely and accessibly. BlowUp uses public spaces for photo exhibitions, using the city as a backdrop. The event has been organized in Bangalore, new Delhi, Bombay, Paris, new Castle and Siam reap. www.blindboys.org

    In 2012, BlowUp will organize exhibitions based on collaborative projects from across the world, including:

    BlowUp:new Delhi, a free and open format street exhibition in which photographs will be printed and posted in public spaces. Blindboys will invite photographers from across India and the world to submit photographs around a select theme. Submitted photographs will be shown in a public exhibition which will run during the Unbox Festival. Slideshows projected in public, outdoor spaces as well as in private, indoor spaces, giving local artists and Unbox participants the opportunity to share their work. Workshops on DIy photography and portfolio sharing.

    unbox 2012 partner Festival

    BlowUp 2012

  • The UnBox Experience

    a 2-day conference of talks and interactive discussions with leading practitioners from across sectors

    Fellowships that combine context immersion and idea prototyping followed by documentation and presentations

    workshops that offer skill sharing and opportunities to work closely with experts

    networking and pitching sessions that connect new ideas to support structures

    inter-media performances and new media installations by leading international and Indian artists

    exhibitions and city-wide interventions that present new perspectives and intersections between social, cultural and business practices

    picnics, film screenings, club nights, and a host of social spaces will provide par