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Ukulele Performance. Class 6WB. Starting out. Pre-lesson questionnaire The parts of the ukulele How to hold How to strum Position of the fingers. Chords . C C7 Am F G7. Our First Songs. One Man Went to Mow This Old Man Alice the Camel . Harder songs. Gorton Albion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ukulele Performance

Ukulele Performance

Ukulele PerformanceClass 6WB1

2Starting outPre-lesson questionnaireThe parts of the ukuleleHow to holdHow to strumPosition of the fingers

3Chords C C7AmFG7

4Our First SongsOne Man Went to Mow

This Old Man

Alice the Camel

5Harder songsGorton Albion

All Gods Creatures Got a Place in the ChoirSinging The Blues

6Our Final Song Oh When the Saints

7All Gods Creatures Got A Place In The Choir

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Hope you enjoyed the show!8