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Transcript of Ugg for Men - Building A New Brand Proposition

  1. 1. Building a new brand proposition
  2. 2. The Problem. Men arent buying Ugg nor engaging with the brand.
  3. 3. The Challenge. Make Ugg relevant and desirable to men.
  4. 4. A Cultural Approach. From studying Uggs relationship with men today its clear that it faces many cultural barriers.
  5. 5. Barrier 1: Ugg doesnt connect with todays ideal masculinity.
  6. 6. Ugg stands for metrosexuality an out-of-vogue male identity ideal.
  7. 7. Male identity today has reverted back to traditional masculinity.
  8. 8. Uggs product range doesnt connect to any current male fashion trends.
  9. 9. Therefore, how can we connect with todays masculinity in a way that is authentic to the Ugg brand?
  10. 10. Barrier 2) Men hold dire misperceptions surrounding the Ugg brand and its products.
  11. 11. Men see Ugg to be for women
  12. 12. Men only associate the Original Ugg boot with Ugg (they dont have any real awareness of the Ugg for men footwear range)
  13. 13. Therefore, how can we dispel these misperceptions?
  14. 14. Barrier 3) Uggs current brand story feels exhausted.
  15. 15. Uggs original brand story myth has been exhausted by the press.
  16. 16. To answer this brief one thought is needed that singularly aligns and disarms these barriers. Barrier 4) The press has seriously damaged Uggs credibility
  17. 17. The heat created from the media surrounding men wearing Uggs has made it a no-go brand.
  18. 18. The press has misrepresented Ugg to be tasteless and unfashionable.
  19. 19. To answer this brief one thought is needed that singularly aligns and disarms these barriers.
  20. 20. I delved deep into Uggs history to unearth a greater brand story that both unlocks these barriers and leverages Uggs unique assets.
  21. 21. Uggs real brand heritage is unknown beyond Australia
  22. 22. Although it is well known that Ugg originates from Australia, what isnt known is that Uggs grew out of a specific Australian subculture known as Dag or Daggy culture which still lives today.
  23. 23. Dag is an attitude and way of life.
  24. 24. Dag is an attitude and way of life. He thinks and does as he likes .regardless of want people think.
  25. 25. He will wear textures that feel nice regardless of how they look. He will wear something he has grown attached too even if it is worn out. His style is unconventional not slovenly. He is amusing just by being himself. He doesnt care about other peoples opinions. He enjoys activities regardless of his appearance to others. His music taste is one that his peers feel is dated or uncool.
  26. 26. This leads to the campaign thought: Dags wear Uggs.
  27. 27. Why does it work?
  28. 28. Dag creates a new, well-defined male identity that genuinely resonates with men today in a way that is true to the Ugg brand and its product range.
  29. 29. This identity acts to revolt against extreme male fashion inspired by Hipster culture and eases the demands made on fashion made on men today.
  30. 30. It enables Uggs uncool mens footwear range to not have to respect current mens fashion trends.
  31. 31. It acts to meaningfully dissociate Ugg away from associations of metrosexuality and femininity
  32. 32. It deflates the tension surrounding Ugg for men created by the media by presenting an attitude that is completely indifferent and self- assured in relation to it.
  33. 33. It both activates and justifies Uggs unique product benefit luxury sheepskin wool. This is because it supports the dag attitude of comfort over style.
  34. 34. It presents a new, unknown aspect of Uggs heritage to breathe new life into the brand.