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  • 1.The Uffizi Galleries By Michelle Pava Nicastro Honors P.2

2. The Construction of The Uffizi Galleries

  • The building of the palace beagan in 1560 by Giorgio Vasari for Cosmo I De Meci as officesfor the Florentine magistrates . Thats how it got the name Uffizioffices . Alfonso parigi and Bernado Buontalenti continiued Vasaris design and ended in 1581
  • They constructed a courtile ( inner courtyard ) so long and narrow that opens to the Arno River through a Doric screen thata articulates space without blocking it . Archytectual historians treat is as the first streetscape in Europe .
  • Vasaris objective when designing the building was to emphazise the perspective leghnth by mathching tiles of continous roof cornices and unbroken cornices in between stories .

3. Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

  • Cosimo came to power at 17, when DukeAlessandro de' Mediciwas assassinated in 1537, as Alessandro's only male issue
  • Among his many accomplishments was the creation of theUffizi , originally intended to house the government, now one of the world's great art galleries
  • He also finished thePittiPalaceas a home for the Medici and created the magnificentBoboli Gardensbehind the Pitti. He was a great patron of the arts.

4. What was inside the Uffizi Galleries ?

  • The Uffizzi Galeries consist of 45 different rooms with different art pieces that vary from sculptures to paintings on canvas
  • Inside the Uffizi Galleries , the palazzo deligi Uffizi brought together under one roof the administrative offices , the Tribunal and the state archive . They then started planning the project of arraging prome works of art in the Medici collections
  • The ninches in the piers were filled with sculptures of famous artist of the 19th century for example Leonardo davinci and Micahel Angelo .

5. What was inside the Uffizi Galleries

  • The most popular rooms in the Uffizi Galleries were room numbers 4 , 7 & 25 .
  • Room #4 consited of the Flourintine Painting of the 14 thCentury by artist ; Bernardo Daddi , Andrea di Cione called Orcagna and Jacopo di Cione , Giovanni da Milano , Jacopo del Casentino
  • Room #7 had International artist such as Agnolo Gaddi& Gentile da Fabriano
  • The most famouse room was #25 that held most of Michael Angelosfamouse works .

6. Micahel Angelo in theUffiziGallery

  • In the Uffizi Galleries Michael Angelo keeps his most prized artwork in room mumber 25 .
  • His most famous sculpture David layed in the Palazzo della Signoria, outside Florences town hall, the Palazzo Vecchio but was soon re-located to the Uffizi Galleries .
  • Michelangelo painted the Holy Family and St John, also known as the Doni Tondo or the Holy Family of the Tribune: it was commissioned for the marriage of the merchant Angelo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi and since the 17th Century hung in the room known as the Tribune in the Uffizi Gallery.

7. Leonardo DaVinci

  • Leonardos, Annunciation, was produced around the same time that he contributed to Verrocchios, Baptism of Christ, also housed in the Uffizi
  • This includes, his Annunciation, from around 1472, executed while still in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio (1435 1488). The other is an early independent work, Adoration of the Magi, which he left unfinished for the Monks of San Donato at Scopeto in 1481
  • As we all know Leonardos work was somewhat mysterious and hard to figuer , this knowledge comes from Professor Maurizio Seracinis intensive research commissioned by the Uffizi Gallery.

8. Giovanni Bellini

  • The Bellini family of painters was one of the most influential names in the Italian Renaissance. Jacopo Bellini (1396 1470), Giovannis father, was a leading painter at the start of the Renaissance.
  • Giovanni Bellini first began painting in Oil when the Sicilian painter Antonello da Messina (1430 1479), came to see the work of Bellini.
  • After his work in Doges Palace, Bellini went on to paint works that would define a stylistic transition into the High Renaissance. This included his Barbarigo Altarpiece, known as Madonna with Doge Agostino

9. What is it now ?

  • The Uffuzi Gallery is now a popular in tourist spot in Flourence. Over 1.5 million people visit a year mostly to see Michael Angelos David .
  • This museum is said to be one of the finest museums in the world , with some of the mostpopular artist masterpieces .
  • If you stop in Flourence then you have to stop by the Uffizi Galleries , it is a must . said tourist Kimberly Evans .

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