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Transcript of UConn CAD Standards Guideline-April2011


CAD Standards GuidelineDrawing Submission Requirements for Campus Construction Projects

Architectural, Engineering and Building Services Office of University Planning April 2011

PREFACEThe CAD Standards Guideline is intended to ensure that work produced for the University of Connecticut will integrate into existing CAD files maintained on campus with Architectural, Engineering, and Building Services. At the Pre-Construction Meeting, a CAD coordination session will be held between the university and those producing CAD files. The purpose of the meeting is to review the CAD Standard Guidelines; thus ensuring expectations are clearly communicated to those producing CAD and Contract Documents for University of Connecticut Construction Projects. The enclosed CAD Standard Checklist is provided to the consultant at the meeting and is to accompany all electronic file submissions to the university. Final payment from the University will only be rendered once CAD files have been submitted and approved in conformance with the CAD Standards Guideline, Consultant Agreements and Owner/Contractor Agreements made with the university. The University of Connecticut recognizes the potential benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and has developed elementary standards for A/E consultant firms that work in this media. As the technology continues to evolve, the university will review these standards and update them at regular intervals to ensure consistency in computer model submissions. The design team will be required to use parametric BIM authoring software for the creation of models that include all geometry, physical characteristics and product data needed to describe the design and construction project in detail. Submitted files should be in AUTODESK REVIT format (.rvt) or must be Revit compatible. All Revit submissions shall also be accompanied by a converted version of the drawing set in the latest version of AUTOCAD. The University maintains REVIT, CAD, PDF and TIFF files for many buildings on all of the UConn campuses and shares available files with consultants upon request. All files provided by the University of Connecticut are the Best Available Data at the time of transfer and are intended for informational use only. The University of Connecticut does not warranty the accuracy of existing files. Prior to the commencement of any work, consultants shall be responsible for field verifying data to ensure accuracy.


TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1. CAD STANDARDS CHECKLIST 2. CAD DRAWING PRODUCTION FILE FORMAT and SETUP Electronic File Format Drawing Organization Layout/Plotting Settings Scale and Units Font and Text Styles Blocks Dimension Settings Border/Tile Blocks Policy on Model Space and Paper Space Policy on External Reference Files (Xrefs) LAYERING General Rules and Uses Attributes (Colors, Pens, Linetypes) POLICY on CAD FILE TRANSLATION Full AutoCAD Compliance Translation Testing Recommended

3. DRAWING FILE/SEQUENCE NUMBER STANDARD Drawing File names and File Structure Drawing File examples Drawing Revision Procedures New Drawing Releases


5. SET & ADDENDA PROCESS 6. SUBMISSION OF GIS DATA (under development) 7. SUBMISSION OF REVIT FILES (under development)


INTRODUCTION CAD STANDARDSThis document serves as a specification for producing and delivering drawings in AUTOCAD format for University of Connecticut Architectural, Engineering, and Building Services Construction Projects. The guidelines ensure the successful use of CAD systems and data throughout the University. The requirements must be followed and met by the main A/E firm and their sub A/E firms. Submitted CAD drawings that do not conform to the guidelines will be returned. Drawings are to be re-submitted once the requirements have been met. Before a project is closed out and final payment from the University of Connecticut rendered, all specified materials must be submitted to the appropriate University of Connecticut Project Manager in accordance with the standards and instructions described in this document. A/E firms must submit a signed copy of the CAD Standard Checklist with all CAD drawings being delivered during any phase (a. Permit/Bid Set, b. Construction Documents/Contract Set, c. As-Built/Record Set) of the project. The signed CAD Standard Checklist ensures that the A/E firm has reviewed all materials and that they are being submitted to the required standards and guidelines set forth in this document. To obtain the latest CAD Standards and files mentioned in this document, please see the links below. To ensure you have the latest CAD Standards please visit the link below to verify: http://www.aes.uconn.edu/about/cad_standards.html To download the latest title sheets & associated files please visit the link below: http://www.aes.uconn.edu/about/cad_standards.html

DESIGN STANDARDSTo review the latest Design Standards please visit the link below: http://fas.uconn.edu/about/planning_and_design_standards.html

SURVEY/GIS STANDARDSSurveys, Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture must adhere to the following standards. Drawings created under the Surveying & GIS Standards must also adhere to the CAD Standards. 1. The drawing will be prepared in AutoCAD 2010 Format and converted to GIS Shape (.shp) Files. Sheet size and an agreed upon scale will be determined as subject to layout requirements for the project area. Border requirements will be to University of Connecticut standards. 2. All grid positioned work shall be in an AutoCAD model space environment drawn at a one (1) to one (1) scale. For production of hard copy mapping, sheet borders, notes, etc. shall be in an AutoCAD paper space environment utilizing viewports with respect to required scale. 3. Orient north arrow and magnetic north toward the top of the sheet. 4. All line work shall be two dimensional with a zero (0) elevation with the exception of contour lines which shall have their respective elevation assigned. 5. Include legend of symbols, linetypes and abbreviations 6. All AutoCAD entities such as boundaries, utilities, contouring, planimetric features, etc. shall be segregated on corresponding layers, linetypes and colors. 7. One (1) CD-ROM disc containing all project electronic files. The electronic files shall be delivered in three formats: 1. AutoCAD 2010, 2. .pdf files, and 3. .shp files (GIS)


SECTION 1.0.0 CAD STANDARD CHECKLIST All consultants must provide the following checklist with all CAD drawings delivered to the University of Connecticut. The signed and submitted checklist ensures the university that all materials adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth in this document. FILE FORMAT and SETUPElectronic File is in correct Format (dwg., .rvt, tiff, pdf, doc, xls) Drawing Organization and File Structure is correct Layout/Plotting Settings and pen assignments are correct Scale and Drawing Units are correct Fonts and Text Styles are correct Blocks are inserted on layer with 0, 0, 0 reference point Dimension Styles, Scales and Settings are correct Border / Title Blocks comply with UCONN standards Policy on Model Space and Paper Space is adhered to Policy on External Reference Files (Xrefs) is adhered to

LAYERINGLayers comply with AIA/UCONN standards Attributes (Colors, Pens, and Linetypes) are correct

POLICY on CAD FILE TRANSLATIONFull AutoCAD Compliance in .dwg format Translation Testing Confirmed DRAWING FILE/SEQUENCE NUMBER STANDARD

Drawing Files are named correctly Drawing Files include year of project Drawing files indicate building name and number Drawing set indicates release status (i.e. Issued for Permit, Bid, Construction, and Review) Submission includes both .dwg files and .tiff/.pdf files ROOM NUMBERING ON FLOOR PLANS Room number complies with UCONN standards DESIGN PHASE, SET & ADDENDA PROCESS (Check box that applies to this submission) Design Phase (Schematic Design) Design Phase (Design Development) Design Phase (50% Contract Docs) Design Phase (90% Contract Docs) Permit/Bid Set Construction Documents/Contract Set As-Built/Record Set Other____________

Name (please print)__________________________________________________________________ Signature:___________________________________Phone#__________________________ Phone Number:______________________________Date: ____________________________ UConn Reviewed By: __________________________________________________________Page5of35


FILE FORMAT and SETUP Electronic File Format AUTOCAD submissions shall be in .dwg format in the most current AutoCAD Release. The drawings should be checked to see if they conform to all the standards set forth in this document. A/E signatures must be on all submitted Issued for Construction documents, and files are to be stored in a compact disk that is clearly labeled as indicated below. The label insert of the CD shall contain the following: Indicate Project Name & Number Label UCONN Building Name and Number Provide Architect/Engineer name Type submission designation with submission date (i.e. CDs, As-Builts, Permit Set, etc.) List all electronic drawing files. Provide one University of Connecticut project per CD. Drawing filenames must be named in relation to the name that appears in the title block. Random filenames are not acceptable. The file name must describe the drawing being submitted and relate to the drawing title. Abbreviations must be clear and easy to understand. University of Connecticut Title Project Name

Campus Location

As-Built Designation with date

CD Label UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Project Name & Number Building Name and Number Storrs Campus ARCHITECT/ENG