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  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV



    The Anarchist's CookBook IV, release version 4.50.Well, here it is, yet another updated version of the ACB. Bringing info

    to the masses once again, I have made some changes in the text's, and addedalot more in external zips. I hope you enjoy this new version. If you haveany comments, or questions, or want to add articles of your own, contact meon The Black Gate when it goes back up, OR onany quality board out there. Note that I no longer go by the handle Exodus,and thats an even longer story. SO enough waiting, read on. Peace.

    Mondain[ PBA SENIOR STAFF / uSu ]

    ALL files in ACBIV420.EXE passed through the following Virii scanners:

    TBScan 6.35, McAfee's SCAN.EXE 2.1.5 3/17/95, NAV 3.0 3/23/95, and F-Prot.

    First, and foremost, let it be stated that Mondain, nor theBlack Gate BBS, assumes no responsibilities for any use of theinformation prsented in this publication. The purpose of thisis to show the many techniques and methods used by those peoplein this and other countries who employ terror as a means toacheive political and social goals. The techniques described heremay be found in public libraries, and can often be carried out bya terrorist with minimal resources. The processes and techniquesherein SHOULD NOT BE CARRIED OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH COULD RESULT FROM ATTEMPTING TO PERFORM



    Well, now that that's kleared up, I can sit back and relax..

    -= Mondain =-'95

    [Index to the Anarchist Cookbook IV, ver. 4.50]

    COOKBOOK.IV: Intro by Mondain

    000: Introduction001: Counterfeiting Money002: Credit Card Fraud003: Making Plastic Explosives from Bleach004: Picking Master Locks

    005: The Arts of Lockpicking I006: The Arts of Lockpicking II

    Page 1

  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV


    anarchcb450007: Solidox Bombs008: High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox (NEW Revision 4.20)009: CO2 Bombs010: Thermite Bombs (NEW Rivision, 4.20)011: Touch Explosives

    012: Letter Bombs013: Paint Bombs014: Ways to send a car to HELL015: Do ya hate school? (NEW Revision, 4.20)016: Phone related vandalism017: Highway police radar jamming018: Smoke Bombs019: Mail Box Bombs020: Hotwiring cars021: Napalm022: Fertilizer Bomb023: Tennis Ball Bomb

    024: Diskette Bombs025: Unlisted Phone Numbers (NEW Revision, 4.20)026: Fuses027: How to make Potassium Nitrate028: Exploding Lightbulbs029: Under water igniters030: Home-brew blast cannon031: Chemical Equivalency List032: Phone Taps033: Landmines034: A different kind of Molitov Cocktail035: Phone Systems Tutorial I036: Phone Systems Tutorial II037: Basic Alliance Teleconferencing038: Aqua Box Plans039: Hindenberg Bomb040: How to Kill Someone with your Bare Hands041: Phone Systems Tutorial III042: Black Box Plans043: The Blotto Box044: Blowgun045: Brown Box Plans046: Calcium Carbide Bomb047: More Ways to Send a Car to Hell048: Ripping off Change Machines (NEW Revision, 4.20)

    049: Clear Box Plans050: CNA Number Listing051: Electronic Terrorism052: How to Start a Conference w/o 2600hz or M-F053: Dynamite054: Auto Exhaust Flame Thower055: How to Break into BBS Express056: Firebomb057: Fuse Bomb058: Generic Bomb059: Green Box Plans060: Portable Grenade Launcher

    061: Basic Hacking Tutorial I062: Basic Hacking Tutorial II

    Page 2

  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV


    anarchcb450063: Hacking DEC's064: Harmless Bombs065: Breaking into Houses (NEW Revision, 4.20)066: Hypnotism067: Remote Informer Issue #1

    068: Jackpotting ATM Machines069: Jug Bomb070: Fun at K-Mart071: Mace Substitute072: How to Grow Marijuana073: Match Head Bomb074: Terrorizing McDonalds075: "Mentor's" Last Words076: The Myth of the 2600hz Detector077: Blue Box Plans (Ye' olde Favorite)078: Napalm II079: Nitroglycerin Recipe

    080: Operation: Fuckup081: Stealing Calls from Payphones082: Pool Fun (NEW Revision, 4.20)083: Free Postage084: Unstable Explosives085: Weird Drugs086: The Art of Carding087: Recognizing Credit Cards088: How to Get a New Identity089: Remote Informer Issue #2090: Remote Informer Issue #3091: Remote Informer Issue #4092: Remote Informer Issue #5093: Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines094: Ma-Bell Tutorial095: Getting Money out of Pay Phones096: Computer-based PBX097: PC-Pursuit Port Statistics098: Pearl Box Plans099: The Phreak File100: Red Box Plans101: RemObs102: Scarlet Box Plans103: Silver Box Plans104: Bell Trashing

    105: Canadian WATS Phonebook106: Hacking TRW107: Hacking VAX & UNIX108: Verification Circuits109: White Box Plans110: The BLAST Box111: Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator112: Cellular Phone Phreaking113: Cheesebox Plans114: How to Start Your Own Conferences115: Gold Box Plans116: The History of ESS

    117: The Lunch Box118: Olive Box Plans

    Page 3

  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV


    anarchcb450119: The Tron Box120: More TRW Info121: "Phreaker's Phunhouse"122: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 27 (Intro to MIDNET)123: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 27 (The Making of a Hacker)

    124: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 28 (Network Miscellany)125: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 28 (Pearl Box Schematic)126: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 28 (Snarfing Remote Files)127: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 30 (Western Union, Telex,

    TWX & Time Service)128: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 30 (Hacking & Tymnet)129: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 3, Issue 30 (The DECWRL Mail Gateway)130: Sodium Chlorate131: Mercury Fulminate132: Improvised Black Powder133: Nitric Acid134: Dust Bomb Instructions

    135: Carbon-Tet Explosive136: Making Picric Acid from Aspirin137: Reclamation of RDX from C-4 Explosives138: Egg-based Gelled Flame Fuels139: Clothespin Switch140: Flexible Plate Switch141: Low Signature Systems (Silencers)142: Delay Igniter From Cigarette143: Nicotine144: Dried Seed Timer145: Nail Grenade146: Bell Glossary147: Phone Dial Locks -- How to Beat'em148: Exchange Scanning149: A Short History of Phreaking150: "Secrets of the Little Blue Box" (story)151: The History of British Phreaking152: "Bad as Shit" (story)153: Telenet154: Fucking with the Operator155: Phrack Magazine - Vol. 1, Issue 1 (The Phone Preak's Fry-Um Guide)156: International Country Code Listing157: Infinity Transmitter Schematic and Plans158: LSD159: Bananas

    160: Yummy Marihuana Recipes161: Peanuts162: Chemical Fire Bottle163: Igniter from Book Matches164: "Red or White Powder" Propellant165: Pipe Hand Grenade166: European Credit Card Fraud (Written by Creditman! A

    Cookbook IV Recap!!)167: Potassium Bomb168: Your Legal Rights (For adults, or some of us think we are)169: Juvenile Offenders' Rights170: Down The Road Missle

    171: Fun With ShotGunn Shells172: Surveillance Equipment

    Page 4

  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV


    anarchcb450173: Drip Timer174: Stealing175: Miscellaneous176: Shaving cream bomb177: Ripping off change machines 2

    178: Lockpicking the EASY way179: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Prelude180: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 1181: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 2182: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 3183: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 4184: Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 5185: Explosives and Propellants186: Lockpicking 3187: Chemical Equivalent List 2188: Nitroglycerin 2189: Cellulose Nitrate

    190: Starter Explosives191: Flash Powder192: Exploding Pens193: Revised Pipe Bombs 4.20194: * SAFETY * A MUST READ!195: Ammonium TriIodide196: Sulfuric Acid / Ammonium Nitrate III197: Black Powder 3198: Nitrocellulose199: R.D.X. (Revised 4.20)200: The Black Gate BBS201: ANFOS202: Picric Acid 2203: Bottled Explosives204: Dry Ice205: Fuses / Ignitors / Delays206: Film Canister Bombs207: Book Bombs208: Phone Bombs209: Special Ammunition210: Rocketry211: Pipe Cannon 2212: Smoke Bombs 4.20213: Firecrackers214: Suppliers II

    215: Lab-Raid Checklist216: Misc. Anarchy217: LockPicking 4218: Misc. Anarchy II219: -* THERMITE 4 *-

  • 7/27/2019 Txt Anarchist Cookbook IV


    anarchcb450229: united States underground: How NOT To Get Caught230: united States underground: Operation Anti-Government231: united States underground: Fun With Pinapples232: united States underground: Totally Cruel Anarchy233: united States underground: Buying Fireworks

    234: united States underground: Better Ways of Shoplifting235: united States underground: How to Filter Lamers from Your BBS236: united States underground: How The Government is Oppressive237: united States underground: Scanning and Hacking PBX's238: united States underground: Fun With Household Appliances239: united States underground: Chemical Equivalence List240: united States underground: Why Feds SUCK241: united States underground: Phun on the ImagiNation Network242: united States underground: How To Get To Chinatown From NJ243: united States underground: Arisol Rockets244: united States underground: Rape in Comparison245: united States underground: Another Fine Chlorine Bomb

    246: united States underground: Napalm247: united States underground: ! PCB SYSOPS - BACKDOOR IN PROVOTE BY VIG !248: united States underground: Operation Anti-Government ][249: united States underground: uSu NFO250: united States underground: Michief Night251: united States underground: Newsletter #001252: united States underground: Home Brew Bazooka253: united States underground: The uSu Guide to Boxing254: united States underground: Michief Night ][255: united States underground: Mail Sabotage256: united States underground: How to Take Down A Lot of BBS's257: united States underground: Word of Encouragement to Elite Boards258: united States unde