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  • Chapter 9: Life in Early TexasSection 4: Government and Society

  • BellworkDefine republic

  • Texas under Mexican Rule1824: Mexico became a republic and adopted a constitution.

  • Texas under Mexican RuleStephen F. Austin: had advised the officials who had written the constitution

    Erasmo Seguin: represented Texas at the constitutional assembly and helped write the document

  • Texas under Mexican RuleMost Texans supported the Constitution of 1824.

  • Texas under Mexican RuleSimilarities to U.S. Constitution:

    gave limited powers to the central government and broad local authority to the states

  • Texas under Mexican RuleFederalismdecentralized form of government

  • Texas under Mexican RuleSimilarities to U.S. Constitution:

    Three branches of government

    President served as head of state

  • Texas under Mexican RuleDifferences to U.S. Constitution:

    State lawmakers, not citizens, elected the president

    No separation of church and state or freedom of religion

    Roman Catholicism was the official religion of Mexico under the Constitution of 1824.

  • Texas under Mexican RuleConstitution of 1824 united the provinces of Texas and Coahuila into a single state.

  • Texas under Mexican RuleMost Texans disliked the united of Texas and Coahuila:

    They feared not having enough local control

    The states capital, Saltillo, was far away

  • Texas under Mexican RuleMost U.S. settlers wanted local control over rights and freedoms--used to U.S. political tradition.

    U.S. settlers often ignored or changed laws they disagreed with.

  • Texas under Mexican RuleMexican official often paid no attention when U.S. settlers ignored their laws.

    Local government became a mixture of Mexican and U.S. practices.

  • The Issue of SlaverySlavery divided U.S. settlers and the Mexican government

    1820s: Mexican & Coahuila y Texas governments passed laws restricting slavery

  • The Issue of SlaveryStephen F. Austin was in favor of bringing slaves to Texas.

    Some slaveholders who wanted to emigrate to Texas in the 1820s were worried that Mexico might make slavery illegal.

  • The Issue of Slavery1827: State constitution outlawed slavery

    Jose Antonio Navarro helped pass a law allowing for contract laborhelped people get around the ban on slavery.

    Tensions over slavery continued to increase as U.S. settlement increased.

  • Mexican Constitution of 1824Formed the state of Coahuila y TexasGave states strong local controlRoman Catholicism official religionEffects