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Transcript of Tx history-ch-8.4

  • 1. Chapter 8:Americans Settle in Texas Section 4:TheEmpresarios

2. 3. Bellwork

  • How did Austins colony affect immigration to Texas?

4. 5. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • Colonization Law of 1824
    • Allowed each Mexican state to set up its own policies
    • Restricted new U.S. immigrants from settling near the nations borders or along the coast

6. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • 1824:State of Coahuila y Texas formed

Coahuila y Texas Flag 7. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • Tejanos wanted to see Texas grow
    • Settlers would improve the economy
    • Provide extra defense against the Indians

8. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • Tejanos wanted to see Texas grow
    • New settlements would raise land values
    • New markets for Tejano merchants

9. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • 1825:State Colonization Law of 1825 enactedopened Texas up to more immigration
  • Empresarios business people who promoted migration to Texas colonies

10. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • Theempresariosmade promises of cheap lands in order to attract settlers to Texas.

11. To which modern day occupation could theempresariosbe compared? Real Estate Agents 12. Mexicos New Colonization Laws

  • State Colonization Law
    • Empresarios received 67,000 acres of land for every 200 families they brought to Texas
    • The head of each household could receive 4,428 acres for $30
    • No taxes for 10 years

13. The Dewitt and de Le n Colonies

  • Green Dewitts colony:
    • 1825:receives grant to settle 400 families in Texas
    • Located colony within the Gulf Coast Plain and the Post Oak Belt

14. The Dewitt and de Le n Colonies

  • Green Dewitt:made Gonzales the capital of his colony

Green Dewitt 15. The Dewitt and de Le n Colonies

  • Martin de Le ns colony:
    • 1824:received permission to establish a colony along the lower Guadalupe River
    • Main town was Victoria
    • 1834:300+ people in settlement

16. The Dewitt and de Le n Colonies

  • Martin de Le n:brought primarily Mexican settlers to Texas

Martin de Len 17. Austins Contributions to Texas

  • Mexican government granted 40+empresariocontracts
  • 1834:21,000+ settlers lived in Texas

18. Austins Contributions to Texas

  • Austin:mostimportant of theempresarios
  • Brought more than 1,500 families to Texas

19. Austins Contributions to Texas

  • Stephen F. Austin: known today as theFather of Texas

Stephen F. Austin