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Transcript of Tx history-ch-8.2

  • 1. Chapter 8: Americans Settle in Texas Section 2: Stephen F. Austin in Texas
  • 2. Bellwork
    • List some ways that Texans have honored the contributions of Moses and Stephen F. Austin
  • 3.
    • Stephen F. Austin is known today as the Father of Texas
  • 4. Stephen F. Austin Goes to Texas
    • After the death of Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin is determined to carry out his fathers plans to settle Texas
    This statue of Stephen F. Austin, the father of Texas, is located in the south entry hall of the Texas Capitol.
  • 5. Stephen F. Austin Goes to Texas
    • August 1821: Stephen F. Austin first arrives in San Antonio both the mayor of San Antonio and the governor of Texas welcomed him
  • 6. Stephen F. Austin Goes to Texas
    • Erasmo Seguin mayor of San Antonio when Stephen F. Austin first arrived there
  • 7. Stephen F. Austin Goes to Texas
    • Mexico had won its independence from Spain since Moses Austins contract had been approved
    • A new contract would have to be worked out with the Mexican government
  • 8. Stephen F. Austin Goes to Texas
    • Austin explores the land east of San Antonio
    • Picked rich farmland in the area of the Brazos and Colorado rivers
    • Colonymild climate, fertile soil, water, timber, wild game, near coast
  • 9. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Land Terms:
      • Heads of households promised 640 acres
      • Married men could claim another 320 acres plus 160 acres for each child
  • 10. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Land Terms:
      • Settlers who provided valuable services or who brought items such as cotton gins received extra land
      • Land grants would border rivers whenever possible to aid with water for farming and transportation
  • 11. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Land Terms:
      • Settlers would pay 12.5 cents/acre for Austins services; fee covered the costs of surveying and land titles
  • 12. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Land title legal document proving land ownership
  • 13. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Attractive offer to US citizens
    • By 1820, it was difficult to buy land in the US because land prices were high and money was scarce.
  • 14. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Land in US was $1.25 per acre
    • US law required a min of 80 acres
    • Price of land had to be paid in full in cash
  • 15. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Austin allowed people to pay fees with goods
    • Allowed people to pay fees over time
  • 16. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Settlers are going to come to Texas mostly for the cheap land.
  • 17. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Strict Guidelines:
      • Hardworking, law-abiding people
      • Required to become Mexican citizens
      • Required to convert to Catholicism
  • 18. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Formed a partnership with Joseph H. Hawkins to acquire financial support for colony
    • Used money to build and outfit a small ship called the Lively
  • 19. Austin Readies His Colony
    • Lively ship upon which Austins first colonists sailed
    • 1821: The colonists on the Lively brought mostly seeds, tools, and building materials
  • 20. Early Settlement of Austins Colony
    • The Lively misses its destination
    • Second voyagewrecks near Galveston
    • Governor Martinez tells Austin he will have to reconfirm his contract with the Mexican government
  • 21. Austin Goes to Mexico City
    • March 1822: Austin goes to Mexico City to convince the government to approve his colony
    • Arrives in Mexico City to find the government is struggling to organizehad little time for Texas matters
  • 22. Austin Goes to Mexico City
    • January 1823: the Mexican government passed the Imperial Colonization Law made Austins land grants was secure
  • 23. Austin Goes to Mexico City
    • Augustin de Iturbide falls from power and the colonization law is canceled
    • Austin presses his case with officials
  • 24. Austin Goes to Mexico City
    • New government will uphold his contract under the terms of the canceled Imperial Colonization Law
    • Received power to organize a local government and serve as judge for his colony.
  • 25. Austin Goes to Mexico City
    • Received the power to organize a militia used to defend against Indians
    • April 1823: Austin heads back to Texas