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Transcript of TX History Ch 6.5

  • 1. Chapter 6:The Spanish Missions Section 5:Life in Spanish Texas

2. Bellwork

  • List examples of how Spanish culture has influenced life in present-day Texas.

3. Why are we studying this?

  • Many states in the American Southwest still show signs of a strong Spanish influence.

4. 5. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Spanish wanted the Indians to live inside the missions

Mission Nuestra Seora de la Pursima Concepcin has stood in San Antonio since the mid-1700s . 6. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Daily work consisted of prayer and work
  • Day started at dawn with Mass

7. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Indians worked under the direction of priests and soldiers
  • Men:tended crops of beans corn, and cotton

8. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Women:made pottery, cared for livestock, wove cloth, and ran the mission kitchen
  • Day ended with prayers and dinnerusually a thin cereal

9. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Spanish hoped the Indians would give up their traditional celebrations
  • Indians would often leave the mission during the hunting season

10. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • Harsh lifedirt floors and open windows
  • Food often scarce in East Texas MissionsIndians would help during hard times

11. Life in the Spanish Missions

  • San Antonio and El Paso missions had the best conditions

Mission San Jose 12. Life in the Presidios

  • Missions more likely to succeed with a presidio nearby

Presidio de Nuestra Senora de Loreto de la Bahia , 13. Life in the Presidios

  • Built of adobe, stone, and timber
  • Had a chapel, barracks, storage rooms, and headquarters

Artists conception of a Spanish presidio 14. Life in the Presidios

  • Duties:Guarded missions and supervised Indians
  • Risky work
  • Low pay and poor equipment

Spanish frontier soldier 15. Life in the Presidios

  • Some soldiers in presidios brought their families with them
  • Often disagree with missionaries over treatment of Indians and who had the higher authority

16. Life in the Settlements

  • Diverse population of Spaniards, Indians, and African Americans
  • Most African Americans brought to Texas as slaves

17. Life in the Settlements

  • Towns had streets, bakeries, stores
  • Largest town was San Antonio

18. Life in the Settlements

  • San Antoniofirst town to let people participate in the government
  • Ayuntamiento governing council of a Spanish settlement in Texas

19. Life in the Settlements

  • Alcalde Spanish official who served as mayor, sheriff, and judge of a Spanish settlement in Texas

20. Life in the Settlements

  • Farming and ranching important to economy
  • Vaqueros Spanish cowboys

21. Life in the Settlements

  • Horse riding used to provide entertainment
  • Social activities focused around the family and church

22. Life in the Settlements

  • The Spanish strongly influenced Texas:
    • Missions serve as churches
    • First roads

23. Life in the Settlements

    • Place names
    • Introduced Cattle & horses to America
    • Art, architecture, food, language, & music