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Transcript of TX History Ch 6.3

  • 1. Chapter 6:The Spanish Missions Section 3:The Spanish Return to Texas

2. Bellwork

  • Why did the Spanish missions in East Texas fail?
  • Why might the Spanish want to return to East Texas?

3. A New French Threat

  • After failures in East Texas, the Spanish ignore Texas for more than 20 years

Spanish Flag 4. A New French Threat

  • Father Francisco Hidalgoasked the French for help in establishing missions in East Texas

Reconstructed model of San Francisco de los Tejas, where Father Francisco Hidalgo had served 5. A New French Threat

  • 1713:Gov. Cadillac of Louisiana sends Louis Juchereau de St. Denis to East Texas to find Father Hidalgo

Bust of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis 6. A New French Threat

  • Travelsthrough East Texas searching for Father Hidalgo
  • After not finding Father Hidalgo, St. Denis heads towards West Texas

7. A New French Threat

  • Trades with Tejas Indians
  • Spain prohibited French from trading in New Spain

8. A New French Threat

  • Arrives at San Juan Bautista and is arrested
  • Taken to Mexico for questioning

9. East Texas Missions

  • Spanish alarmed by presence of a French trader in Texas
  • Decide to build new missions in East Texas

10. New East Texas Missions

  • 1716:Domingo Ramon leads an expedition to East Texas
  • St. Denis serves as a guide

11. New East Texas Missions

  • Warmly welcomed by the Tejas
  • Establish Nuestro Padre San Francisco de los Tejas near site of original mission

Preaching to the Tejas Indians 12. New East Texas Missions

  • Hidalgo placed in charge of mission
  • Established five more missions in East Texas

13. San Antonio Settlements

  • Spanish knew first mission in East Texas failed due to its distant location
  • Decide to establish an outpost between the Rio Grande and the East Texas missions

14. San Antonio Settlements

  • 1718:San Antonio de Valero mission built along the San Antonio River

15. Mission Concepcion 16. San Jos y San Miguel de Aguayo, 17. 18. Mission San Juan Capistrano 19. 20. Mission San Francisco de la Espada 21. Espada Aqueduct 22. San Antonio Settlements

  • The first organized civil government in Texaswas in San Antonio
  • Would become the half-way point on the El Camino Real

23. San Antonio Settlements

  • El Camino Real Royal Road that led from East Texas missions to Mexico City
  • Used to establish and supply East Texas missions

24. The National Park Service is currently planning a historical trail in commemoration of the Camino Real http://www.senate.gov/~hutchison/ccelcamino.htm http://www.nps.gov/elte/