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  • 1. Texas History Chapter 2.2 The Physical Landscape of Texas

2. Why are we studying this? Texas varying climates influence nature and how people work and live. 3. Weather & Climate

  • Climate an areas pattern of weather over a long period of time

4. Weather & Climate

  • Factors affecting Texas climate:
    • Location
    • Winds
      • Western Winds
      • Panhandle Winds

5. Weather & Climate

  • Factors affecting Texas climate:
    • Gulf of Mexico
      • Humidity the amount of moisture in the air
    • Elevation

6. 7. Rainfall in Texas

  • The amount of precipitation increases from EastWest
  • West Texas: 8-14 in/yr East Texas:39-56 in/yr
  • East Texas receives more rain because it is closer to the Gulf Coast.
  • Panhandle receives snow

8. Rainfall in Texas

  • Drought long period without rain

9. Severe Weather Tornadoes Hurricanes Blizzards 10. Texas Vegetation 11. Texas Vegetation

  • Wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Led efforts to plant wildflowers along TX highways

Lady Bird Johnson 12. Texas Vegetation Established theNational Wildlife Research Center in Austin 13. Texas Vegetation

  • Center provides research info on native plants.
  • Planting flowersprevents erosion
  • Erosion soil loss

14. Texas Wildlife

  • Vegetation of Texas provides a habitat to a variety of animals
  • Habitat environmental home of an animal

15. Texas Wildlife

  • As the states environment has changed, the habitat of some animals can be destroyed
  • Extinct to die out completely or disappear