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Transcript of TX History Ch 20.1

  • 1. Chapter 20:The Indian Wars Section 1:Changes in Indian Policy

2. American Indian Relations

  • Early 1860s:Indian raids common
  • Frontier open to attack as men and soldiers fight in Civil War
  • Plains Indians see opportunity to westward expansion

3. American Indian Relations

  • Federal troops arrive at end of war
  • Not enough troops to go around
  • October 1865:Federal commissioners negotiate peace treaty

4. American Indian Relations

  • Treaty of the Little Arkansas treaty under which Comanche & Kiowa leaders agreed to settle on a Panhandle reservation
  • Reservation never created

5. American Indian Relations

  • Kiowa & Comanche renew attacks
  • People move to safer areas
  • Frontier line pushed back east

6. American Indian Relations

  • During the 1860s the frontier in Texassometimes fell back under pressure from American Indian raids

7. The Treaty of Medicine Lodge

  • 1867:federal government attempts to negotiate a new treaty
  • Treaty of Medicine Lodge agreement of 1867 that required the Plains Indians to move onto a reservation in the Indian Territory

8. The Treaty of Medicine Lodge

  • Terms:
    • Gifts of blankets, clothing, & weapons
    • 3 million acres for reservation in Indian Territory
    • Buildings, tools, & money

9. The Treaty of Medicine Lodge

  • Terms:
    • Stop raiding
    • Stay on reservations
    • Take up farming

10. The Treaty of Medicine Lodge

  • Satanta Kiowa leader who refused to accept reservation life and died in prison

Satanta 11. The Treaty of Medicine Lodge

  • Some Indians honored the treaty, others remained determined to roam the plains

12. The Peace Policy

  • 1869:President Grant established Board of Indian Commissioners
  • Quakers members of the Society of Friends, some of whom became Indian agents to help prevent war

13. The Peace Policy

  • Government hoped Indians would make living by farming
  • Reservation life was difficultand food was often scarce.
  • Poor soil

14. The Peace Policy

  • Government food supplies insufficient
  • Goods sent by government were illegally sold and never arrived
  • Buffalo hunters entered reservations

15. Civil War Reconstruction Treaty of Little Arkansas Treaty of Medicine Lodge Effects Effects Effects Effects