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Transcript of Tx history-ch-16.1

  • 1. Chapter 16:Western Expansion and Conflict Section 1:The Mexican War

2. Fighting Breaks Out

  • 1845:Mexicans angry aboutannexation and signing of the Texas admission Act
  • Mexicans feared U.S. expansion

3. Fighting Breaks Out

  • Mexico claimed theNueces Riverseparated Texas and Mexico
  • U.S. citizens wanted paid for damages

4. Fighting Breaks Out

  • Expulsion of U.S. settlers from California
  • November 1845:Mexico refuses to meet with U.S. diplomat John Slidell

John Slidell 5. Fighting Breaks Out

  • PresidentPolkordered General Zachary Taylor and thousands of U.S. troops into Texas

President James K. Polk 6. Fighting Breaks Out

  • Zachary Taylor commander of U.S. forces in Texas when the Mexican War began

Zachary Taylor 7. Fighting Breaks Out

  • Late March 1846:arrives along Rio Grande and discovers Mexican troops encamped across river
  • Early April 1846:Mexican general orders Taylor to return east of the Nueces

8. Fighting Breaks Out

  • April 25, 1846:First action of war takes place when Mexican forces crossed theRio Grandeand attacked U.S. troops in Texas
  • Polk: American blood has been shed on American soil"

9. Fighting Breaks Out

  • May 13, 1846:Congress declares war on Mexico
  • May 8-9, 1846:Taylor had already defeated the Mexicans in two battles

10. Texans in the Mexican War

  • Santa Annawas leader of the Mexican forces during the war
  • Some 6,000 Texans volunteered for the war

Antonio L pez de Santa Anna 11. Texans in the Mexican War

  • Gov. James Pinckney Henderson temporarilyleft office to fight in the war

12. Texans in the Mexican War

  • Texas Revolution veteranJuan Segunfled to Mexico and was forced to fight in the Mexican Army

Juan Segu n 13. Texans in the Mexican War Famous Texas Rangers that fought in the Mexican War John Rip Ford John Coffee Hays 14. Texans in the Mexican War

  • Refused to follow orders from U.S. Army officers
  • Attacked Mexican villages
  • Los diablos Tejanos

15. A U.S. Victory

  • Offensive a major troop advance
  • Santa Anna demanded surrender
  • Victories at Buena Vista & Monterrey

16. A U.S. Victory

  • General Winfield Scotts strategy:landing forces in Monterrey and marching them inland to Mexico City

General Winfield Scott 17. A U.S. Victory

  • General Scott:captured Mexico City
  • Other U.S. forces capturedNew Mexico & California
  • The war ended whenMexico Citywas captured by U.S. troops.

18. A U.S. Victory

  • 13,000 American troops lost their lives
  • Most U.S. soldiers died fromdisease
  • War cost the U.S. $98 million

19. 20.