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Transcript of TX History Ch 15.1

  • 1. Chapter 15:Texas Joins the Union Section 1:The Annexation of Texas

2. Bellwork

  • What are some pros and cons of Texas remaining independent?

3. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • 1836:Texans overwhelmingly approved annexation
  • U.S. divided regionally overslavery

U.S. Flag 1837-1845 4. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • Northernersagainstannexation
  • Southernerssupportedannexation

5. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • President John Tyler favored annexation
  • Influence of Great Britain

President John Tyler 6. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • 1844:Tyler sends annexation treaty to U.S. Senate
  • Terms:
    • Texas become a territory
    • U.S. pay Republics debt
    • Texas give up public lands

7. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • Annexation Issues:
    • War with Mexico
    • Slavery
  • Treaty rejected

1844 Political Cartoon 8. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • Manifest Destiny the belief that the United States was meant to spread across North America

9. The Treaty to Annex Texas

  • Jane McManus Cazneau writer whose columns helped turn northern opinion in favor of annexation

10. The Annexation Resolution U.S. Presidential Election of 1844 James K. Polk Democratic Party Henry Clay Whig Party vs. 11. The Annexation Resolution

  • Major Issues:
    • Texas Annexation
    • Manifest Destiny

12. The Annexation Resolution

  • James K. Polk U.S. President who strongly supported annexation

President James K. Polk 13. The Annexation Resolution

  • John Tyler U.S. president who asked Congress in 1845 for a joint resolution in favor of annexing Texas

President John Tyler 14. Texas Enters the United States

  • Annexation Resolution:
    • Texas enters as a state
    • Keep publics lands

15. Texas Enters the United States

  • Annexation Resolution:
    • Reduce public debt byselling public lands
    • Turn over public property

16. Texas Enters the United States

  • Convention of 1845:
    • Recognition by Mexico
    • Annexation

Proclamation by President Anson Jones calling Convention of 1845 17. Texas Enters the United States

  • Annexationquickly approved
  • October 13, 1845:Texas voters approve annexation
  • December 29, 1845:President Polk signs Texas Admission Act

18. Texas becomes the 28 thState! 19. U.S. leaders begin to worry about Great Britains influence in Texas Some Americans oppose adding a slave state or fear war with Mexico Many Americans support manifest destiny, or westward expansion Polks victory shows strong American approval for Texas Annexation Texas have strong U.S. ties and badly need U.S. military and monetary aid 1844: 1844: 1844: 1845: 1845: Dec. 29, 1845: Cause Effect