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Transcript of TX History Ch 12.4

  • 1. Chapter 12:A New Nation Section 4:Houstons Second Administration

2. Bellwork

  • What were some differences between Houston & Lamar?

3. Houston Returns to Office Election of 1841 Sam Houston David G. Burnet vs. 4. Houston Returns to Office President Sam Houston Vice President Edward Burleson 5. Houston Returns to Office

  • Hoped to achieve a balanced budget
  • Efforts to save money:
    • Cut government jobs & salaries
    • Cut size of army, navy, & Texas Rangers

6. Houston Returns to Office

  • Government spending drops $4.8 million to $500,000
  • Houston could not balance budget
  • Balanced Budget government spending does not exceed revenue
  • Debt reaches $12 million by 1845

7. Houston Returns to Office

  • Had new paper money printed to replace red backs
  • Limited amountissued
  • Value fell quickly

Republic of Texas Currency 8. Houston Returns to Office

  • Reestablishes peaceful Indian policy
  • Established frontier trading posts
  • Signed peace treaties

9. Houston Returns to Office

  • March 1843:Nine Indian groups, including Caddo, Tawakoni, and Waco, meet with Texas officials at Tehuacana Creek
  • Agree to stop fighting
  • Plan a peace council to be held in September at Ft. Bird

10. Houston Returns to Office

  • Texas officials and nine Indian tribes signa treaty
  • Comanche not present
  • Angry about Council House Fight

11. Houston Returns to Office

  • Tehuacana Creek peace and trade agreement signed in 1844 by Sam Houston and Comanche chief Buffalo Hump
  • Did not establish boundaries, tensions later resurface
  • Peace returned to frontier

12. Regulator-Moderator War

  • Regulator-Moderator War:involved settlers in East Texas
  • Redlandsborders old Neutral Ground
  • Weak law enforcement in area

13. Regulator-Moderator War

  • Regulator Moderator War feud between two groups in East Texas that began over fake land certificates and erupted into violence
  • Alfred George vs. Joseph G. Goodbread

14. Regulator-Moderator War

  • George persuades Charles W. Jackson to kill Goodbread
  • Jackson organizes Moderators to fight crime
  • Goodbreads supporters form Regulators

15. Regulator-Moderator War

  • Feud ensues
  • Local officials unable to stop feud
  • Each side numbered in the hundreds
  • August 1844:President Houston sends troops to end feud