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  • 1.Texas History Chapter 1.2:Using Maps

2. The Celina Bobcats have made the playoffs and are playing the Hondo Owls.The game will be played in Hondo, Texas.How will you make and plan your travelto Hondo? 3. Google Map showing location of Hondo, Texas 4. Why are we studying this? Maps are essential tools for geographers and many other professionals. 5. Map Grids

  • Map A graphic representation of a place or an area that illustrates the land, seas, and even space

6. Map Grids

  • Location
    • Relative Location where a place is place is in relation to other places
      • Example:Celina is 13 miles north of Frisco

7. Map Grids

  • Location
    • Absolute Location the exact on earth
      • Example:Celina High School is on the corner of Preston Road and Pecan Street

8. Map Grids

  • Grid System map has lines running north/south & east/west.There are numbers and letters placed on the grid

9. Latitude & Longitude

  • Latitude and Longitude are used to determine an exact spot on earth.Imaginary lines circling the globe are measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

10. Latitude & Longitude

  • Latitude imaginary lines that run east-west around the globe and measure distance north and south of the equator

Lines of Latitude 11. Latitude & Longitude

  • Longitude Imaginary lines that run north-south around the globe and measure distance east and west of the prime meridian

Lines of Longitude 12. Latitude & Longitude

  • Latitude & longitude are used to determineabsolute location.

13. Latitude & Longitude

  • Equator an imaginary line circling the globe exactly half way between the North and South Poles

Red Line = Equator 14. Latitude & Longitude

  • Prime Meridian imaginary line that runs around the globe from the North Pole, through Greenwich, England, and the South Pole

Yellow Line = Prime Meridian 15. Parts of a Map

  • Compass Rose Points to all four cardinal directions

16. Parts of a Map

  • Scale is the relationship between measurement on the map and the actual distance on the earths surface

17. Parts of a Map

  • Legend key; explains the symbols on the map

18. Types of Maps

  • Reference Maps maps used to find locations

Political Map Physical Map 19. Types of Maps

  • Thematic Map shows a specific topic, theme, or spatial distribution of an activity

Thematic map depicting Farming 20. Types of Maps

  • Map Projections means by which mapmakers create flat representations of the earths surface

21. Describe how different map parts help decode a map Latitude & Longitude Lines Compass Rose Scale Legend