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Transcript of TX History Ch 11.3

  • 1. Chapter 11: The Texas Revolution Section 3:The Siege of the Alamo

2. Bellwork

  • Would you fight a battle in which you knew you would most likely lose?Why or why not?

3. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Santa Anna decides to personally lead the attacks on Texas
  • Feb 1835:Santa Ann reaches the Rio Grande with 6000 forces and heads towards San Antonio

GeneralAntonio L pez deSanta Anna 4. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Texans unprepared for Mexican advance
  • Col. James Neill had just over 100 troops in San Antonio

5. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Jim Bowie sent by Houston to the Alamo to evaluate the situation there in Jan 1836

James Jim Bowie 6. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Sam Houston recommends the Alamo be destroyed
  • Gov. Smith disagrees noting improvements made to its defenses

Statue of Sam Houston 7. The Mexican Army Advances

  • The Alamo was located along the Old San Antonio Roadone of the two major routes through Texasit would be one of the first locations Mexicans reached

8. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Bowie arrives at the Alamo
  • Writes a letter saying the fortification is too valuable to abandon:

9. The salvation of Texas depends on keeping Bexar (San Antonio) out of the hands of the enemywe will rather die in these ditches than give them up to the enemy. JimBowie 10. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Gov. Smith orders Col. William B. Travis to gather reinforcements and go to San Antonio
  • Travis gathered 30 volunteers

William B. Travis 11. William B. Travis

  • Born 1809 in South Carolina
  • 1817 family moved to Alabama
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Lawyer

12. William B. Travis

  • 1828:Married a former student
  • Started a newspaper
  • Adjutant in state militia

Restored Law Office of William B. Travis 13. William B. Travis

  • 1831:Abandoned wife, son, and unborn daughter
  • Entered Texas and started a law practice at Anahuac
  • Active in War Party politics

14. The Mexican Army Advances James Bonham & the Mobile Grays from Alabama Davy Crocket led a dozen volunteers from Tennessee 15. Davy Crockett

  • Born 1786 in TN
  • Killed a bear at age 3
  • Often played hooky
  • Ran away from home to avoid a beating from his father

16. Davy Crockett

  • 1806:Married Polly Finley
  • 1813:Joined the TN militia
  • 1815:wife dies and remarries
  • 1817:elected Justice of the Peace

17. Davy Crockett

  • 1821:elected to the TN legislature
  • 1827 & 1829:elected to U.S. Congress
  • 1831:defeated for re-election

18. Davy Crockett

  • 1833:elected once again to the U.S. Congress
  • 1835:lost bid for reelection by 252 votes
  • You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas!

19. The Mexican Army Advances

  • Col. Neill leaves the Alamo to care for sick family, puts Travis in command
  • Bowie and Travis argue over control and agree to share command

20. The Siege Begins

  • Built up defenses:
    • Walls built to 12 feet high and 2 feet thick
    • Palisadeshigh fences made of stakes behind which soldiers could fight
    • 21 cannons placed around the Alamo

21. The Siege Begins

  • Alamo originally a mission, not a fort
  • 3 acres
  • 1000 soldiers to properly defend

22. The Siege Begins

  • Hopes for reinforcements
  • Feb 23, 1823:Mexican troops spotted heading towards San Antonio
  • Gather supplies and get behind walls

23. The Siege Begins

  • Santa Ann demands surrender
  • Texans reply with a a cannon shot
  • Santa Anna raises red flag

Flag that flew over the Alamo 24. The Siege Begins

  • Feb 24:Mexican troops begin to fire
  • Travis writes letter
  • Day 4:Travis orders troops to stop firing

Excerpt from Travis letter 25. Fall of the Alamo

  • March 1:32 volunteers arrive from Gonzales
  • 189troops inside the Alamo
  • Santa Ann had at least 1800 forces
  • March 5:Line in the sand

26. Fall of the Alamo

  • March 6: Texans awakened suddenly:
    • shouts from Mexicans
    • Santa Annas army played El Degello

27. Fall of the Alamo

  • 5:00 am: four columns of Mexican soldiers attack
  • Halted by Texas artillery
  • Mexican soldiers regroup and overwhelmed the Texans

28. Fall of the Alamo

  • Mexican soldiers enter the Alamo by the hundreds
  • Mexicans capture a cannon
  • Hand-to-hand combat follows until almost all defenders killed

29. 30. 31. 32. Fall of the Alamo

  • At least 182 Texans killed
  • At least8 Tejanos killedat the Alamo while fighting for Texas
  • Approximately 600 Mexican casualties

33. Alamo Cenotaph 34. Fall of the Alamo

  • Survivors:
    • Susanna Dickinson
    • Ana Salazar Esparza
    • Slave and a few other noncombatants

Susanna Dickinson 35. Fall of the Alamo

  • Santa Anna believed that after taking the Alamohe had achieved a total victory against Texas.
  • Remember the Alamo!