Two Simple Hand Exercises for Piano Players

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Transcript of Two Simple Hand Exercises for Piano Players

  • Any person whos played piano for more than thirtyminutes will know how important it is to build strength and stamina in your hands.
  • Just like with any other part of your body, if you want tobuild up strength and stamina, youre going to need to exercise it regularly - no-one got buff by sitting around.
  • To get you motivated, heres a couple of simple exercises to help get started.
  • Curled Fingers
  • This is a simple exercise to start with and can be done in front of your piano.
  • Move your hands over the keys of the piano. Then curlyour fingers up as if you were holding a tennis ball. Next move your first finger up and down as if you were essentially playing the same note a few times in fast succession about five times.
  • Then take a short break for 1 or 2 seconds and move on to your middle finger. Repeat this with each finger and then move on to your other hand.
  • This exercise will help build both finger strength andautonomy for less complicated playing and reaching those far spaced piano notes.
  • Ball Massage
  • This exercise routine will require your to have a tennis ball or a ball of similar size available. The concept of this exercising is to loosen the strain in your forearms while keeping your hands flexible.
  • Put the ball on a firm, flat surface. Then put your right forearm on top of the ball and begin rolling the ballforward and backward slowly in order that it travels up and back down the length of your forearm. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed while you do this.
  • Roll the ball backwards and forwards for one minute thentake five for thirty seconds. Once done, switch to your left forearm and repeat.
  • By following these 2 simple exercises, youll build up strength in your fingers while at the same time keepingyour arms and shoulders relaxed and agony free. This mayhelp you build up endurance and keep you playing longer without any troubles.