Two and a half stories

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Two and a half stories from the start up scene in Pakistan. Presented at the Technology, Innovation summit in Karachi. 2014

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  • 1. Two and a half stories.

2. Two and a half stories.Jawwad 3. AgendaThree storiesDreamer 4. Zayed Enam Inventing the future 5. Hunaid Hameed Doesnt understand NO!. 6. Munir Usman Building worlds 7. Question.How do we help kids like these? 8. Question.What can you do to contribute and help? 9. Why Not? 10. Wish listExperiment.Explore unknown paths.Encourage Failure.Reduce the cost of failure.Let them dream. 11. EntrepreneurshipMarketsCustomerProductsSalesIdeaPrototypeProductDistributionSalesScale 12. [email protected]://