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Transcript of Twitter Webinar Series: How to Tweet Follow us on Twitter @JJDiabetesInst to receive timely and...

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    Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM Twitter: @HopeWarshaw Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute Faculty and Social Media Consultant

    2Twitter Webinar Series: How to Tweet

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    Twitter Webinar Series: The Why and How

    Part 1 Why and How to Get Started

    Part 2 How to Tweet

    Part 3 How to Engage and Build Followers

    Part 4 How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

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    • Characterize your twitter voice

    • Describe the anatomy and elements of ideal tweets

    • Describe the steps to jump in slowly and steadily

    • Determine your content sources for tweets

    • Identify tips to tweet responsibly

    Webinar Goals

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    Characterize Your Twitter Voice

    • Think about your Twitter persona to the world

    • Create, carve out your niche

    • Evolve your voice over time as you, your role, brand and/or medium evolve

  • 5

    Brief, substantive content, compelling language

    Make sure tweets are clear and easy to read, “get it” in a glimpse


    • Newsworthy, informational

    • Science-based, reliable

    • Advocate causes, positions

    • Supportive, sensitive

    • Fun, humorous, poignant


    • Others handles (@)

    • One or more hashtags (#)

    • Eye catching photo, graphic or brief video

    Anatomy of Ideal Tweets

  • 6

    Engage, draw attention

    Bring others into the dialogue

    Use retweet symbol


    • Others handles (@)

    • One or more hashtags (#)

    • No graphic

    Anatomy of Ideal Quote Tweets view

    TwitterDeck view

  • 7

    Identify Content to Tweet, Retweet and Quote Tweet

    Start slow … keep at it consistently

    • Observe tweets, style of healthcare professionals (HCPs) on Twitter in your space and niche you respect, follow

    • Don’t feel forced to tweet, just retweet and quote tweet

  • 8

    Identify Content to Tweet, Retweet and Quote Tweet Start to tweet … set a goal to do it consistently

    • Rely on your go to science-based resources, reliable resources

    • Share consumer-focused articles of value to translate science

    • Share practical diabetes management tips, easy-to-fix recipes or meals you’ve made (with photos)

    • Offer support, kudos to colleagues and people with/affected by diabetes

    • Pose a question to engage others

    • Twitter content is endless!

  • 9

    Tweet Strategically, Scientifically and Sensitively

    Use 80/20 guideline

    • 80% about others, content other than yours

    • 20% about you, your content, materials, program offerings, etc.

    Vary your content within your niche, voice

    Don’t retweet, quote tweet a link before you review the contents (even if you trust person/entity)

    • Apply motto: “Read it before you tweet it”

    Be very human

    Don’t preach, give instructions, be bossy

  • 10

    1. Helm, J, Miller-Jones, R: Practice Paper of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Social Media and the Dietetics Practitioner: Opportunities, Challenges, and Best Practices. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2016;116(11):1825-35.

    2. FTC. FTC Staff Reminds Influencers and Brands to Clearly Disclose Relationship (4/17). events/press-releases/2017/04/ftc-staff-reminds- influencers-brands-clearly-disclose. (accessed July 13, 2017)

    Adhere to Ethics and Policies

  • 11

    Mayo Clinic’s 12-Word Social Media Policy

    Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry,

    Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete

    Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal

  • 12

    Multiple free tools (apps) to use

    Try them out, use what you like, use a few

    Follow multiple handles, hashtags on laptop, iPad, desktop

    Schedule tweets (and other social media) in advance

    Tools to Track, Schedule Tweets


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    Twitter: How to Tweet

    Webinar covered:

    • How to characterize your twitter voice

    • Anatomy and elements of ideal tweets, quote tweets

    • Steps to jump in to tweeting slowly and steadily

    • Content sources for your tweets

    • Tips to tweet responsibly

  • 14

    Your Next Steps

    Set your goals (handout Your Goals for Action)

    Draft sample tweets (handout Your Tweets – Worksheet)

    Lurk and learn

    • Observe Twitter chats: #JJDiabetesInst, #DSMA

    • Watch Twitter feeds of active colleagues

    • Think about content that draws you into it

    Seek assistance (colleague, teen)

    Listen to other webinars in this 4 part series

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