Twitter: Social Media's Gateway Drug

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Lee Aase Chancellor, Social Media University, Global (SMUG) March 6, 2014 Twitter: Social Media’s Gateway Drug

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Slides for a two-hour workshop I presenting on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Examples of Twitter gaffes and controversies, as well as step-by-step training in setting up a new Twitter account, and some positive applications of Twitter in a business context.

Transcript of Twitter: Social Media's Gateway Drug

  • Twitter: Social Medias Gateway Drug Lee Aase Chancellor, Social Media University, Global (SMUG) March 6, 2014
  • Todays Presentation is brought to you by the number 1.9 x 10 10
  • Basic Social Media Food Groups
  • Agenda The Origins of Twitter The Bad and The Ugly The Good Creating Your Account Practical ways to use Twitter Twitter Lingo Twitter Chats
  • Twitters Origins
  • The Bad and the Ugly
  • Fun with the SEC
  • Crowdsourcing #Fail
  • Perils of Multiple Accounts
  • Tasteless Hashtag Spamming
  • Job-Killing Tweets
  • Mischief Making
  • Genuine Hacking
  • Genuine Cluelessness
  • @ instead of D
  • Rep. Weiner and the Speed of Twitter Problematic tweet - May 27, 2011 June 1 - claimed account had been hacked June 6 - Press conference apologizing June 16 - Announced resignation
  • Whats the Real Risk of the Bad and the Ugly? 400 million tweets are sent every day Twitter has 500 million users In this section we have discussed 19 bad examples Assuming there are 1000x as many actual bad cases 99.996% have a good experience
  • Categories of the Bad and Ugly Mistakenly tweeting from wrong account Lack of awareness of news developments Public tweet when D was intended Real hacking (e.g. Burger King) Backring campaigns Stupid statements Hashtag spamming Joking about serious matters or tragedy Adding deception to one of the above
  • Major Life Lessons in Twitter Pause before Posting
  • Major Life Lessons in Twitter Social Media raise the cost of bad behavior
  • The Good
  • Marketing Genius
  • Case Study: Listening and Connecting
  • Connecting with Fans
  • Deals from Dell
  • IRL Meetings Me: Are you based in Baltimore? Me: Im going to be there Tuesday for this conference. ( hcc) on a panel RU available late pm? Me: Im ying out Tues at 6:45 p.m. Any avail in the later afternoon? I think my panel is done about 2:30
  • Journalist Interactions Me: Not sure when Im next in TC...will check when I get back home later tonight Me: As per my call, I have a good social media day that would connect with another interesting story. Call 507-xxx-xxxx or my cell 507-xxx-xxxx
  • Making Ads Engaging
  • Becoming a Go-To Resource
  • Categories of the Good Listening Qualitative research on a quantitative scale Adding engagement to other communications Establishing thought leadership Creating marketing channels Building relationships Connecting with others who have shared interests Serendipity
  • SMUG Thesis #31: Unforeseen implications of social media are more likely positive than negative
  • Creating and Conguring Your Twitter Account
  • Edit Your Prole
  • Change Header
  • Update Website and Bio
  • Bio and Disclaimer
  • Text Messaging or Apps
  • Manage Notications
  • Dont Protect Tweets
  • Searching for Tweeps
  • Popular Accounts
  • Interacting in Twitter
  • Johns First Tweet
  • My Retweet
  • My Reply
  • Leading Text in Replies
  • Direct Messages (Or Not)
  • Safer Direct Messaging
  • Mobile Notications
  • Twitter Distinctives and Additional Lingo
  • Twitter vs. Facebook Facebook is primarily for strengthening existing connections (or reconnecting) with your friends. Twitter enables you to connect with people who have common interests. For the friends you dont know yet Protecting tweets is possible but counterproductive in most cases
  • Twitter vs. Blogs Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. Limited length reduces writers/artists block Blogs provide opportunity for more thoughtful reection and development Tweeting = great way to take notes on a live event AND spread word about it Blog = platform for review/synthesis Twitter = great for spreading word about posts
  • 5 Reasons Twitter is better than email Brevity is the soul of wit - and of Twitter Blocking or unfollowing punishes abuses No expectation to read and respond to everything Conversations open and discoverable Direct messages can reach recipients with priority and privacy
  • What can you say in 140 characters? Have u seen how ppl txt? U can pack lots in via abbrev URL shorteners let you link to Web sites with more information URL shortening now built into Twitter site
  • URL Shortening Example This: 2011/06/27/tweetcamp-vi-on-wednesday/ becomes This: - or a slightly longer but customized version
  • #Hashtags Prospecting tool: panning for relevant nuggets in the 400 million-tweet stream Enable easy gathering around an event (reallife or virtual) or a topic of interest Create a hashtag simply by using it in a tweet: no permission required
  • Finding Tweeps Search for terms that interest you on Twitter See who is saying interesting things Follow them See Twitters recommendations Start tweeting so others can nd you
  • Building Tweet Cred Consider following those who follow you. Following does not mean endorsement Dont Protect updates Re-Tweet (RT) to credit sources, help followers nd interesting tweeters. Publicly thank those who help you. Admit mistakes. When people mention you, reply (@) to them. If they D, respond in kind. Dont conceal work afliation
  • Other Sites/Tools to Explore Tweetdeck Apps for smart phone or tablet
  • Your First Twitter Chat Be sure to include #SMUG in all tweets Compose a tweet introducing yourself Tweet your questions Tweet something you learned about Twitter today Follow others you know as you see their tweets in the stream Create a list
  • Resources for Further Learning
  • Next session is April 29 Social Networking: From Facebook to LinkedIn and Beyond