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  • 1. Your Twitter page Home (your Twitter feed; this shows all the tweets of the people you follow) Profile Tweets Following Followers @Connect Me (same as Home/Tweets)

2. Twitter Etiquette Figure out who you want to attract and engage based on keywords and target audience. Find them on Twitter ( Advanced search) and follow them. People see that you are following them on Twitter. The polite response (for you, too!) to a new follower is to to review their profile and recent tweets for relevancy, then follow them back (avoiding pushy sales people and pornography). This is one way to gain followers. When you are starting out, it is a courtesy to thank followers with a DM or, I prefer, an @ message. 3. @ v. DM @girlontheroof, Thanks for the follow. Open for everyone on Twitter to see, though it is directed at girlontheroof. (Dont lead with @ unless you are directing a tweet to someone.) Donation pledged by @girlontheroof for every new follower to @ResearchAtCRI. This is how to refer to users on Twitter, directed to open audience. (Dont over use your own handle; done here for sake of RTs) DM @girlontheroof, Thanks for the follow. Private message, sent only to @girlontheroof 4. Tips on Tweeting Keep it to 140 characters (including spaces and punctuation),preferably less. If someone RTs you, the end could be cut off. Use hashtags (without spaces or punctuation) when possible toidentify subject matter that other people may be searching for. This isanother way to gain followers. Write content that people want to read.Avoid selling your own product or organization too hard.Tweet about other related topics (e.g. mental health statistics,coping with stress, drug abuse in teens). 5. Tips on Tweeting Include links to articles and web sites. HootSuite will automaticallyshorten links to save characters. You can also use to shorten them.Great article on stress @centerstone Retweet other people (especially but not exclusively those whoretweet you). This is another way to gain followers and encouragethem to retweet you to their followers. Follow people who follow you, but also keep in mind that Twitter ranksyour influence based on your ratio of followers: following. Ideally, youwant more followers than you follow. (This is much harder whenstarting out and trying to build a base of followers.) Monitor @ Connect from your home page. This shows othersinteractions with you (new followers, RTs, @ comments, etc.). 6. Tips on Tweeting Always thank people who retweet you, preferably publicly. Whenpossible, include the original tweet for more exposure. Its also good to thank new followers, especially those withinfluence (large number of followers). 7. Tips on Tweeting Respond to people who ask you questions or direct statementsat you (unless solicitations). 8. Tips on Tweeting Start and join conversations. Ask questions and engage people. UseReply option to keep the conversation in a collapsible chain. 9. Tips on Tweeting Monitor trends. Listen in on keywords. Ask questions and engagepeople. Take part in events 10. Tips on Tweeting If its important content that you want to make sure people see, tweetit repeatedly (but use different words) over the course of a few days,in different time slots. And use analytics tools that help you determinewhen your followers are on Twitter.Tweet different sentences from the same article or press releaseand add the link to each tweet.Thank people who were part of a successful project to give you areason to keep talking about it. 11. Tips on Tweeting Tweet often. Twitter is extremely fast-paced. Something posted 2 minutes ago may not be seen by anyone 1 minute from now. Frequency is required to build a presence on Twitter. Aim for at least 2-3 tweets a day in a typical week. During a big week (news, conference, campaign, etc.), its better to tweet 10+ times per day. This can include retweets. Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn posts, you really cant tweet too much if your content is professional (avoid the mundane, Just had my third cup of coffee tweets). Track your metrics over time to see what days of the week and what times of day you are most likely to pick up followers and retweets. 12. Tips on Tweeting Dont get sucked in.Use a tool like HootSuite (or another similar platform) to scheduletweets in advance (e.g. On Monday morning, schedule 3 tweets perday for the week).Check back in Wed/Thurs to thank people who retweeted you, toretweet others and to follow new followers.If you are stuck waiting at the DMV, doctors office or airport, checkin on the conversation and engage.During a campaign, you will need to put in more time (check in atleast twice a day to engage, more if there is a lot of activediscussion on the topic). 13. Facebook for Business Only Admins can post to the wall, but anyone who likes the pagecan post a comment. Be careful to double-check you are posting as ______ before addinga comment, liking or otherwise interacting on the page. Do not use hashtags on Facebook. Dont like your own post, but you can like peoples comments onit. Its good to engage with people. Images will strengthen any post on Facebook. Most third-party linkswill put in their own image; scroll through to choose the mostappropriate image. Giving a specific call to action (like, share) dramatically increasesthe likelihood that people will do it. 14. Facebook for Business Experts vary in opinion on frequency of posting, but most say 2-5xper day is best if you really want to engage people in a particulardiscussion for a set period of time. If you want to sustain, 2-3x perweek is fine. If you click on the Share icon on a post on your page, it will tell youwho has shared it and how many times it was shared from thatpersons page. You can read comments, too. This IS impacted bypeoples security settings, so not everything will appear there. You can use HootSuite to post on Facebook, but construct itspecifically for FB. Resist the temptation to respond to trolls. 15. Facebook for BusinessInsights Hold mouse over question mark to get definition of Reach,Engaged Users, Talking About This, etc. Click on header to sort by that metric. Sometimes data in the backendshows higher numbers than what is shown on the page (for shares,likes, etc.). Facebook says this is due to security settings but offersno further explanation. Facebook Pages App lets you monitor on your cell phone. Datavaries, compared to the computer version. Insights can give you gender, age range and location of Likes, thoseReached and those Talking About. 16. Facebook for BusinessPromoted Posts Allows you to pay to have your post included in someones news feed.This may include people who like your page and/or friends of peoplewho like your page. You set the budget and the duration. We did this on one post forC4MH. For $10, it did increase exposure over a nearly identical post.Facebook Advertising Although advertising on Facebook is very targeted and inexpensive(and can be based on click-thrus, not impressions), I am hesitant torecommend it for a nonprofit.