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TWEET! TWEET! TWEET!. Surfin ’ the Net with Twitter!. @ debshuler. Do differentiated learning o pportunities for students really matter? . Do differentiated learning opportunities for teachers really matter? . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TWEET! TWEET! TWEET!@debshuler

Surfin the Net with Twitter!Surfin (the net) music (3 minutes+) -intro while people are entering and getting settled.1Do differentiated learning opportunities for students really matter? 2

Do differentiated learning opportunities for teachers really matter? How often have you experienced differentiation as a learner? Elementary? Middle school? High school? College? Graduate school? professional development meetings? structure of professional development programs in most schools sends conflicting messages about the importance of meeting learners where they are. Lectures delivered to entire faculties little or no autonomy one size fits all

3WhatProfessionalLearningOpportunitiesAre Available toTeachers in TCS?THS-Terrific TuesdaysIMPACT-1/2 day workshops

Hot Topics SessionsSummer Technology Conference ShowcaseIMPACT TrainingAlthough our system is doing much better about letting us make autonomous choices about which training we will attend, the learning is usually about techniques/tools/theory. It is not subject specific.4YourPERSONALLEARNINGNETWORK(PLN)Who do you go to for help,inspiration, motivation, consolation, celebration?Where do you go to learn about what you are passionate about?Where do you go to learn what is new in your field or specialty area?Who understands your problems best? Pastor, best friend,principal, or to someone who does the same thing that you do?5

Take Ownership of Your Own LearningBuild a meaningful network of peersTwitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information aboutwhat you find interesting.MotivationAskquestions

Twitter is the best way to discover whats new in your world. ShareresourcesCelebratesuccessesNewIdeasfor yourclassroom


Follow/Follower/Following: When you "follow" someone on Twitter, you'll see their Tweets in your Twitterstream. If they follow you, you'll see theirs.

Essential Twitter VocabularyTweet: A message of 140 characters or less that is displayed to your followers on Twitter and included in search results.

Twitterstream: The feed of others' Tweets that you see when you log in to Twitter.

@reply: If you post another user's username with an @ symbol directly prefacing it, that text will show up as a link to the other user's Twitter page. They'll also be able to see your Tweet by clicking where it says @theirusername on the side of their Twitter page. When you use the small arrow in the lower right corner of a Tweet to reply to that person, you've sent an @reply.

8DM: A DM, or "Direct Message," is a message that is sent to another user and can only be read by the recipient and the person who sent the message. You can only DM individuals if they are following you.

Hashtag: Think of this as a "subject line" for your Tweet. A hashtag is a word or series of words (no spaces or punctuation) preceeded by a pound sign and referring to the topic or category of a Tweet. For example, I could link to this post and tag it #vocab.

RT: A RT, or Retweet, is the redistribution of another user's tweet to your own network. Twitter etiquette dictates that a retweet should be proceeded with "RT @originalpostersusername." For example, to enter the AC Twitter Challenge, post the following Retweet: "RT @acnews Take the AC Twitter Challenge!

More Useful Twitter Vocabulary:

Why Educators Should Be Using TwitterJustin Tarte


Charlie SheenAshton KutcherLike-mindedEducatorsLocal & InternationalExperts inEvery FieldCo-workersFriendsFamilyConferenceKeynote SpeakersAnd PresentersWho/What do I Follow?Video Tutorials

Twitter for Teachers Part 1.mp4 From: shannoninottawa | Apr 12, 2011 |This is a 5 minute intro to setting up your twitter account. You will sign up, select a twitter name, confirm your twitter account to unlock all the great features of twitter and have a look at your basic twitter profile.

Twitter for Teachers Part 2.mp4 From: shannoninottawa | Apr 12, 2011 This 5 minute video leads you through setting up a profile, including picture and bio information to help others find you, as well as how to send your first tweet.

Twitter for Teachers Part 3.mp4 From: shannoninottawa | Apr 12, 2011 |In part 3 in the Twitter for Teachers we cover how to begin following people to build your personalized learning network (PLN) with twitter, how to retweet (RT) a tweet, how to favourite a tweet to save it to your favourites. 5 minute video

Additional Twitter Apps & Tools into lists: Tweetdeck-desktop Hootsuite-online

Twitter4Teachers Wiki! This wiki was created to easily help educators connect with other educators on Twitter. You have to request access.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsDaniel H. Pink

The secret to high performance and satisfactionat work, at school, and at homeis the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world.

Dont Forget!

What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly.

You are what you Tweet!

@debshuler. . . And Ill follow you!

Twitter is the best class I ever took! Tweeted by Adam Bellow 7/17/11Reinventing the way we learn!Tweet!


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