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Transcript of Tweet, Like & Be Social -- Social Metrics that Matter

  1. 1. Social Metrics that Matter The What, How and Why of Social Measurement
  2. 2. Introductions 2 Sarah Peduzzi Digital Marketing Strategist Meg Huber Digital Marketing Specialist
  3. 3. BarkleyREI Background Full service digital agency Web design and development Paid search, display, social, SEO Platinum Adrian Award (Social Media Command Centers) 3
  4. 4. Social Media Command Centers 4 DICKS Sporting Goods Marathon
  5. 5. Social Media Command Centers 5 DICKS Sporting Goods Marathon Total Social Media Reach: 6,706,805 Total Social Media Impressions: 28,076,891 #GameonPGH : 8,060 #RunnerofSteel : 2,181 #PghMarathon : 1,609
  6. 6. Social Media Command Centers 6 Kansas City All Star Game
  7. 7. Why Measure Social? 7 Listening & Monitoring Direct Engagement (CS) Online Brand Management Community Management BrandStrategic Passive Trends & Sentiment Competitive Monitoring Opportunity Analysis Push Marketing Active
  8. 8. Metrics that Matter: Engagement How to measure engagement? Depends on what engagement means to you. 8 Impressions Actions Taken Reach Cost Shares Comments Likes Website Visits Follows
  9. 9. Metrics that Matter: Engagement MICRO engagements Engagements at the post level Daily interactions Content real-time (reactionary) 9
  10. 10. Metrics that Matter: Engagement MACRO engagements Engagement strategy as a whole (brand playbook) Collective engagement Planned content (evergreen, flow) 10
  11. 11. Metrics that Matter: Engagement Who are we reaching? Followers Impressions Unique People Reached 11
  12. 12. Metrics that Matter: Engagement How are they engaged? Likes, Comments, Shares CTR (Click-through Rate) CPC (Cost per Click) 12
  13. 13. Metrics that Matter: Engagement Website Traffic Metrics Clicks to Website or link clicks Post-click site analytics 13 via Hootsuite
  14. 14. Metrics that Matter: Post-Click Engagement 14 Website Visits Page Views Page Views Form Fill Social Share How did this social visit engage with your site content? Number of Page Views Time on Page, Time on Site Bounce Rate Goal Completions Form Fill, Phone Call, Download One social channel
  15. 15. Metrics that Matter: Post-Click Engagement 15 Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Multiple social channels How do different social channels engage with your site? Each channel needs different nurturing Averages for one may be different from another Adjust expectations from a goal standpoint Branding/messaging vs. leads/calls
  16. 16. Quick Reference Engagement Impressions Reach Cost Clicks to Website Click-through-rate Shares, Comments, Likes, Follows Cost-per-Click Post-Click Engagement Website Visits Time on Page, Time on Site Bounce Rate Average Number of Page Views Goal Completions Form Fills Phone Calls Downloads 16
  17. 17. How toMeasure: Free Tools 17 Facebook: Page and Audience Insights
  18. 18. How toMeasure: Free Tools 18 Twitter Analytics
  19. 19. How toMeasure: Free Tools 19 Hootsuite
  20. 20. How toMeasure: Free Tools 20 Google Analytics
  21. 21. How toMeasure: Free Tools 21 Google Analytics URL builder Utm_source social channel Utm_medium paid or organic Utm_campaign campaign name Utm_content name of promo Utm_keyword type (image, format, etc.) These URL parameters feed into GA so you can track clicks and attribute directly to campaign Use a shortener to make the link smaller, such as:, or
  22. 22. How toMeasure: Paid Tools 22 Hootsuite Pro or Enterprise
  23. 23. How toMeasure: Paid Tools 23 Simply Measured
  24. 24. How toMeasure: Paid Tools 24 Radian6
  25. 25. How toMeasure: Paid Tools 25 Nuvi
  26. 26. Scorecard: Goals 26 Brand Awareness Measure:
  27. 27. Scorecard: Goals 27 Brand Awareness Impressions Total Reach Frequency Reach per Post Measure: Inbound Referral Lift
  28. 28. Scorecard: Goals 28 Engagement Measure:
  29. 29. Scorecard: Goals 29 Engagement Follower Growth Likes, Comments, Shares Clicks and CTR CPC (if applicable) Measure:
  30. 30. Scorecard: Goals 30 Website Traffic Measure:
  31. 31. Scorecard: Goals 31 Website Traffic Website Clicks or link clicks GA Sessions Page Views, Unique Page Views Measure: Time on Site or Time on Page
  32. 32. Scorecard: Goals 32 Conversions or Website Actions Measure:
  33. 33. Scorecard: Goals 33 Conversions or Website Actions Total or Unique Goal Conversions Events Conversion Rate Cost per Conversion Measure: GA Sessions
  34. 34. Scorecard: Validate 34 Month over Month how does your audience, engagement and goals differ by month? Year over year how have you improved the social brand as a whole and has it helped the bottom line? Competitive how do you compare with others in your space?
  35. 35. BONUS:Advanced Metrics Frequency how many times, on average, one person saw your ad or post before taking an action. Time and Day Parting Test what day of the week and what time of the day perform the best per your goal. People taking action the actual number of people who took at least one action on your ad or post. Mobile and Cross-Device measurement 35
  36. 36. BONUS:Advanced Metrics Brand sentiment is it positive, negative, neutral? Branded searches are they on the rise? Are they on the decline? Inbound link volume referral increase that isnt directly at attributable to something else. Share of voice do you drive the conversation or are you just taking part of it? Mentions, direct use of branded handles/pages, hashtags Paid vs. Organic breaking this out can help show the value of each and how one might feed into the other 36
  37. 37. Closing How does your social brand add to the conversation? What impact are you having on consumer decisions? Is your messaging aligned with your goals? 37