Turning First Time Mobile Advertisers Into Mobile Believers

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Turning First Time Mobile Advertisers to Believers Christina D. Lao Marketing Manager McDonald’s Philippines @therealkringlao 9 July 2014
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Joint session of Mobext and McDonald's Philippines during the 2014 ad:tech ASEAN. Presented by Kring Lao, Marketing Manager of McDonald's Philippines, and Arthur Policarpio, Head of Mobext Asia-Pacific.

Transcript of Turning First Time Mobile Advertisers Into Mobile Believers

  • Turning First Time Mobile Advertisers to Believers Christina D. Lao Marketing Manager McDonalds Philippines @therealkringlao 9 July 2014
  • outline The Digital Journey The Mobile Transformation The Trending Topics
  • the digital journey
  • 52% 95% of Filipinos are online spending average of 5.5 hours daily Online time spent on Social Media the connected Filipino 531% Growth in internet usage (Highest in the world)
  • MOST WIDELY USED Ranked No. 8 worldwide FAST GROWING Ranked No. 10 worldwide MOST ACTIVE USERS CAPTIVE AUDIENCE Ranked No. 1 in ave videos watched and mins spent per session 35m 20m Ranked No. 1 active users 34mins 8videos the connected Filipino 24m
  • social media stats 967,273 likes +0.52 % growth from May 1.45% engagement rate 82.6 K followers on Twitter +2.60% growth from May Around 10,000 subscribers on YouTube Over 32,000 followers on Instagram
  • #McSpicy best practice #NationalBreakfastDay Trended #1
  • PAID consumer communication and integrated brand campaigns
  • Our first digital-led campaign with no TV support. Trended globally at #3 and was picked up by Bloomberg and Huffington Post. best practice
  • refueling young singles and young adults looking for balance & variety TARGET MARKET best practice Insight: People go crazy when they see someone eating something they crave
  • best practice
  • owned media
  • the mobile transformation
  • mobile penetration million mobile subscribers smart phone growth (2nd highest in ASEAN) There are more mobile phones than people in the Philippines welcome to our world Spent on mobile; higher than global average. 110% 110m 143 mins75%
  • growth in search for McDonalds and delivery-related materials.41% 37m USD estimated size of the prize per year of mobile delivery mobile MDS
  • mobile creates a SEA of opportunity for you Mobile creates ales Mobile creates ngagement Mobile creates wareness
  • #1 mobile creates sales
  • CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS Provide consumers with a more convenient way of redeeming offers To save money on printing costs Create a mobile coupon site, where users simply register to get free McDonalds Ang Pao coupons redeemable at any McD store. With cross-platform advertising on digital, print, and mobile display Over 28,000 unique registrations in just 2 months +18% revenue to spend ratio for mobile coupons vs. print coupons McDonalds Ang Pao Coupons
  • #1 mobile creates sales
  • CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS Add another access point of McDonalds delivery Optimize mcdelivery.com.ph for mobile Develop a mobile-friendly version of mcdelivery.com.ph McDonalds Delivery Mobile Site 1st month WITHOUT advertising: 94 thousand monthly unique visits More than 20K transactions, incremental to desktop version
  • #2 mobile creates engagement
  • CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS To amplify the newly launched Bundled Meals big idea of inspiring people to enrich their friendships by being physically together. Develop a mobile app that puts value to minutes of real life interactions. McDonalds Coca- Cola BFF Time Out App Almost 30K downloads for first month of launch
  • #3 mobile creates awareness Save the number
  • Increase McDonalds delivery number recall and awareness Launch a simple yet effective campaign that would not only make customers remember McDs delivery number but actually save it on their phones for easy access/reference Creating Number Awareness 75,000 redemptions and counting Estimated at least 500,000 phones with McDonalds delivery number CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS
  • The Trending Topics
  • Top Tweets
  • The biggest risk is not taking any risk.In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. Mark Zuckerberg
  • @therealkringlao #startbelieving #thankyou
  • [email protected] Turning First-Time Mobile Advertisers to Believers By Arthur Policarpio Managing Director, Mobext, Asia-Pacific
  • If mobile is big, wheres the money?
  • Advertisers know its big. invest in mobile 48% 40% mobile will be more importan than radio in 2 years 53% say mobile will be as equally important as TV in 2 years 62% say mobile will be as equally important as outdoor in 2 years 38% say mobile will be more important than print in 2 years.
  • Why arent advertisers spending more?
  • Limited knowledge+expertise (63%) 5
  • Lack of reliable framework for measuring success (63%) 6
  • 14 Mobile = traditional Measuring mobile by the same yardstick as traditional media
  • 15 Lack of case studies
  • Advertisers = SCARED.
  • [email protected] Solving the Problem
  • 21 #1 Visionary Clients
  • 18 Geoffrey Moores Crossing the Chasm
  • 19 Techies: In love with technology Visionaries: Get ahead of the market Pragmatists: Want predictable progress Conservatives: Stick with satus quo Skeptics: If it aint broke, dont fix it
  • Progress happens because of the crazy ones who were willing to take a risk and re-invent the game.
  • Why cant marketers think like these crazy ones when it comes to mobile?
  • 17 They all recognized an opportunity, risked it all, and took the plunge... before data/proof came.
  • 21 #2 The Start-up Mentality
  • 22 We applied the Lean Startup Approach to Mobile Marketing
  • Test & Learn (Fail) 23 Scale and Succeed
  • 24 Speed is Critical If we can reduce the time between pivots We can increase our odds of success Before we run out of money
  • 25 What you did in 6 months, we can do in 24 hours
  • 26 From this...
  • 27 24 hours To this
  • We co-funded first-time mobile investments by advertisers 28
  • 21 #3 Talk Business
  • Bias to Creative Flair, Awards 30 Awards Creativity Technology
  • What keeps CEOs awake at night? 31
  • 3 Things that Matter to CEOs
  • We have to stop thinking of mobile as just a media channel.
  • marketing commerce/distribution customer service research product development business model Business Transformation Platform
  • 20
  • 37 Mobext 2012 mobext.com P&Gs In-Store Tablet Marketing
  • 37 Mobext 2012 mobext.com
  • 38 Mobext 2012 mobext.com
  • 41 Mobext 2012 mobext.com
  • 40 Largest one-to-one in-store marketing in the Philippines First in the world (for P&G) 32% Increase in basket size
  • 3 Talk Business (Not Awards) 29 1 Visionary Clients 2 Startup Mentality
  • [email protected] Closing Message to Advertisers
  • 19 Techies: In love with technology Visionaries: Get ahead of the market Pragmatists: Want predictable progress Conservatives: Stick with satus quo Skeptics: If it aint broke, dont fix it
  • You will be bombarded with facts, statistics, data, case studies, best practices... 41
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  • 44
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