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Communication and presentation

Communication And Presentation Turmeric

Description IS 2Courses IS 2 communication and presentation. (Communication and presentation)

Study compiled and convey ideas clearly. A system of knowledge from research. And knowledge The authors outline introduction, body, concluded in a report format of the course. Using the 2500 word with reference to a reliable source of knowledge and ideas clearly arranged systematically. Were presented in one form or by using a variety of media enterprises. And disseminate to the public.

The history and importance of our project. Fungus is a problem for keeping food in the kitchen. We want to solve how to keep foods for longer . We choose herbs or vegetables that are easy to find. These must have substance that can stop fungus growing.

The purpose of the study Scope of the StudyWe have chosen to use turmeric to inhibit fungus because turmeric has an effect that can inhibit 50-80% of fungus . Turmeric can inhibit growth of mycelia ( P. aphanidermatum ) and ( Collectotrichum ) fungus by 20% .

Benefits from the study.

1.Learned about how we can preserve food.

2.Use the benefits form Thai herbs.

3.Preserve food for a long time.

4.To be effective for bread.


A big problem for keeping food a long time is foods spoil or fungus grows on it. So we want to solve this problem by using local herbs or vegetables that are easy to find . It can save money and we can keep food for longer. We use a herb that has a substance that can decrease fungus growth then we use turmeric for experiment.

Processing steps.

1)Find information and set a herb that can decrease or stop fungus growth in food. Turmeric can decrease fungus growth in foods.

2) The process of trials and studies on the experiments.2.1) We have selected a bread mold because it is common.2.2) Smoked turmeric made in a form that will be baked with the bread in order to stop bread mold growing.2.3) Write report with experimental results.

3) collect and present results.