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4 People Elements you must Capture & Measure for better Productivity

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  • 1. 4PeopleElementsyoumustCapture&Measure TurboBoostyourOrganiza;onsProduc;vity

2. 5 Years of Operations 1 Message to Share Happy Clients | Happy Employees has kept us ALWAYS IN MOTION 3. Measuring Productivity is the key to increase an Organizations Profitability 4. Without productivity objectives, a business does not have direction. Without productivity measurement, a business does not have control. - Peter Drucker 5. Productivity = Output Input 6. CAPITAL PRODUCTIVITY Capitalproduc;vityresultsfrom improvementsinthemachineryand equipmentused, aswellastheskillsofthelabourusing thecapital,processes 7. LABOUR PRODUCTIVITY Denedasvalueaddedperworker,isthemost commonmeasureofproduc;vity. Itreectstheeec;venessand eciencyoflabourinthe produc;onandsaleoftheoutput. 8. EMPLOYEEPRODUCTIVITY CAPITALPRODUCTIVITY LABOURPRODUCTIVITY 9. Labour Produc+vityCapital Produc+vity 10. ORGANIZATIONSWITHHIGHLEVELSOF EMPLOYEEPRODUCITIVTY OUTPERFORMTHEIRCOMPETITION 2X NETPROFIT +12% REVENUEGROWTH2.5X PRODUCTIVITY CUSTOMERADVOCACY +12% -40% EMPLOYEETURNOVER 11. IFTHERESSUCHA STRONGBUSINESSCASEFOR EMPLOYEEPRODUCITIVTY WHYISSOLITTLEBEINGDONE? 12. RULES4 13. TREAT YOUR AS EMPLOYEES KING 1 14. Sell Produce Service Maintain 15. CONTINUOUS FOCUS ON SKILL DEVELOPMENT 2 16. SKILL ASSURANCE SELF PERFORMANCE TRACKING PUSH BASED FILTERED LEARNING Onboarding - TIME TO PERFECTION 17. TACIT KNOWLEDGE RETENTION 3 18. SOCIAL LEARNING 19. CULTIVATE LEADERS 4 20. TheoneswhoInnovate,Strategize&Decide 21. Strategic HR ItsNOTaboutmappingyourkeyusersrequirementoryouruniqueprocesses. Itsabout ENGAGINGEVERYONE EACHSINGLEEMPLOYEE 22. EMPLOYEES SHOULD LOVE USING IT. StrategicHRSYSTEMSHOULDHAVEA COMBINATIONOFSUCHUI&INNOVATION ThatusingthesodwarebecomesaUser Delight. 23. Takeoutthecumbersomejobwhich keepsITandHRbusyinsystem upgradesandTes;ng JUSTGIVETHEMASYSTEMWHICH MEASURES EMPLOYEESPRODUCTIVITY 24. Produc;vityisthekeytodriveaBusiness MostimportantassetsarenotlistedonyourFinancialStatements, andyettheyplaythemostcri;calroletoachieveBusinessGrowth. YourEMPLOYEES MaketherightargumentsforyourHRBudget. 25. KEY TAKE AWAY 1. Strategic HR is NOT a cost center. Its the productivity platform of your organization. Make the right arguments for your Strategic HR Budget. 2. Businesses should adopt Strategic Cloud HR Software as a Service so that HR can focus on measuring & increasing Employee Productivity. 3. Businesses should NOT focus on their own process fitment while choosing a Strategic HR Software. 4. Choose a Strategic HR Software which has such UI & Interactive Features that generates sheer user delight. 26. Manu Khetan Founder & CEO For Strategic HR - Consulting & Implementation Email us at strategicHR@rollingarrays.com or visit www.rollingarrays.com Concept&Messageby