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New and colorful to light up our grey days of winter. Place your order at 514-476-0819 Nancy ;) Valid from December 29 to April 26 2013

Transcript of Tupperware Spring catalog 2013

  • Spring 2013

    savory sensations

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  • 2Host a qualifying party and receive this

    On the Move 11-Pc. Set

    FREE! See pg. 77.

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  • For recipes and product videos, visit tupperware.ca

    Products denoted with a star are eligiblefor the Host Thank You program. See pg. 75.

    The official Tupperware smartphone app is asimple way to learn whats new with a companythats been innovating for over 60 years. Youlldiscover the newest products, see the currentmenu of fun party themes, learn the benefits ofhosting a party or joining Tupperware as an independent Consultant, and connect via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Put Tupperware on your smartphone!

    table of contents4 prepare16 microwave cooking 22 recipe books &

    seasoning blends24 microwave reheating28 cookware32 cutlery34 kitchen tools36 entertain42 organize52 eco-friendly cleaning54 on the go58 refrigerate64 freeze66 kids72 exclusive gift sets74 fundraiser75 host78 opportunity80 recognition


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  • 4marinades dressings

    protein drinks batters or mixes

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  • shake things up prepare



    New! Quick Shake ContainerA classic favorite is now in a great newshape! Our instant blender features asleek, easy-grasp design and lock-open,flip-top cap that lets you prep a healthybeverage and then drink it straight fromthe container. Its the quick, one-stepway to make protein shakes and takethem to school, work or the gymfits inmost car cup holders, too. Or use it tocreate mixes, marinades, toppings orsalad dressings. With its larger capacity,redesigned blender wheel and domed,screw-on seal, all it takes is a few quickshakes. Includes U.S. and metric measurements. 2 cup/600 mL.713 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita/Natural$20.00

    Prices do not include taxes.

    Blender wheel now strains and pours

    Flip-top cap locks open or closed

    Wheel rests in base or seal

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  • ab

    prep for successWith all the right tools, you can make tasty treats everyone will applaud.

    Help a great cause and add an Extra Mini to your Thatsa Bowl collection, too. See pg. 74.


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  • cd

    a Thatsa Bowl32 cup/7.6 L.706 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $31.00

    b Thatsa Mega Bowl42 cup/10 L. 705 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $35.50

    c Smooth ChopperCreate blended fruit smoothies, creamy beverages or dressings, savory sauces and moreall without electricity. Start with the sharp blades to chop vegetables or fruit, then remove and insert the paddle whisk to whisk or mix.For added convenience, measurementsare engraved along the side. Also includes a virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal so you can store in the fridgefor later use. 3 cup/700 mL. Q1241 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $71.00

    d Pie Press/Empanada MakersCreate sweet or savory treats to enjoyanytime. Place pie dough on top, addfilling, fold and press. Recipes included.Set of two. 711 Margarita $15.00

    Thatsa BowlsPopular Thatsa Bowls feature thumb handles for a sure grip. Textured interiors withstand scratchesand high walls reduce splattering. Each includes a virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal.


    Products denoted with a star are eligible for the Host Thank You program.See pg. 75.

    7Prices do not include taxes.

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  • put a fresh spin on it

    Margherita Flatbread from Amazing Appetizers Recipe Book (see pg. 23), made with Chop N Prep Chef.

    Create unique, appetizing recipes with just a flick of your wrist.


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  • ab

    a Chop N Prep ChefPull the cord and easily turbo chop freshherbs, vegetables and fruit in recordtime. Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal, so you can chop now and store for later. 1-cup/300 mLbase. Q Includes gift box.1245 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $54.00

    b Quick Chef Pro SystemOur popular kitchen food processor isversatile, quick and easy to use. Includesthree sharp blades for chopping herbsand produce; paddle whisk for mixingand whisking; funnel with measurements for making dressings; small basket fordrying fresh herbs and small salads; ergonomic cover with handle; and virtuallyairtight and liquid-tight seal for storing. 5 cup/1.3 L. Q Includes insert withrecipes and gift box. 1247 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $83.00



    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • a b



    a Jel-Ring MoldRemovable center and top seals makeunmolding a cinch. 6 cup/1.4 L.455 Margarita/Snow White $18.00b Mini Gelatin Mold SetIncludes 2-cup/500 mL Mini Gelatin Mold for small family gatherings and four Jel-Ette Molds for individual desserts.456 Margarita/Snow White $42.00

    c Saucy Silicone SpatulaLong handle reaches into any shapebowl or pan. Pulls apart for easy cleaning. Stain and heat resistantup to 400 F/200 C. 1251 Lettuce Leaf/Snow White $23.00

    d Prep Essentials Mix-N-StorPlus PitcherIncludes removable splatter guard, center seal and anti-skid ring. 2 qt./2 L.704 Margarita/Snow White $29.00


    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • e f


    e Measuring SpoonsSix spoons with detachable ring sit level on the counter. Curved handle features embossedmeasurements that wont fade. 18, 14, 12 and 1 tsp.; plus 12 and 1 tbsp. 708 Margarita $15.00

    f Measuring Cups Six nesting cups feature pour spouts and embossed measurements that wont fade. Includes 14, 13, 12, 23, 34 and 1 cup. 707 Lettuce Leaf $18.50

    g Classic Sheer Midgets Set Stackable for compact storage. Set of six includes 1, 112, 2-oz./30, 45, 60 mL markings. 709 Lettuce Leaf/Natural $18.00

    h Squeeze It DecoratorAdd fillings to pastries and pastas, fill devilled eggs and garnish with ease. Includes five interchangeable nozzles that conveniently store inside. Replace nozzle with cover for refrigerator storage.710 Lettuce Leaf/Natural/Snow White $25.00

    Products denoted with a star are eligible for the Host Thank You program.See pg. 75.




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  • prep& goCreate professional-quality treats at home,then safely store or take them anywhere.


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  • prepare




    a Round Cake TakerHolds a three-layer cake or flip base for divided serving tray.788 Chickadee/Snow White $42.00

    b Rectangular Cake TakerFlip base to hold up to 18 cupcakes.787 Chickadee/Snow White $59.00

    c Round Pie and Pastry Container Fits a 9"/22.5 cm pie or up to 12 cupcakes.789 Chickadee/Snow White $25.50

    d Prep Essentials Snack-StorContainer912 x 912 x 3"/24.3 x 24.3 x 7.7 cm.785 Chickadee/Snow White $23.00

    e Prep Essentials Cold Cut KeeperPerfect for storing or transporting sandwiches or wraps. 12 x 9 x 2"/30 x 23 x 6 cm.786 Chickadee/Snow White $35.00




    Products denoted with a star are eligible for the Host Thank You program.See pg. 75.

    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • do yourself a f lavorTransform everyday ingredients into something extraordinary.

    Turkey Cobb from the Sensational SaladsRecipe Book (see pg. 23), with greens prepared in Spin N Save Salad Spinner.14

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  • dc

    preparea Spin N Save Salad Spinner Rinse, prep, serve and storeall in one.Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tightseal. 4 qt./4 L.712 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $62.00

    b Double ColanderUse top and bottom separately or connected. 2 qt./2 L.701 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $25.50 c Fresh Herb Planter SystemNo-worry planter waters herbs accurately and automatically. Includes base, pot, microfiber water absorber and water bottle with cap. Insert features helpful cooking tips.1243 Jet Black/Lime/Sugar $23.50

    d Season-Serve ContainerBuilt-in grids on base and seal ensure ultimate marinade coverage. 1212 x 1012 x 412"/31.8 x 26.7 x 11.5 cm.702 Lettuce Leaf/Snow White $26.50


    Products denoted with a star are eligible for the Host Thank You program.See pg. 75.



    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • Microwave steaming helps maintain foods moisture,tenderness and fresh taste, all at peak nutritional value.

    all steamed up

    Cod with Summer Vegetables from Smart Meals Recipe Book (see pg. 23), made with Tupperware Smart Steamer.16

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  • b 9-Pc. Accessory SetAdd recipe versatility to your Tupperware SmartSteamer. Includes eight, 2-oz./80 mL CrystalWave Ramekins with seals for storing and a 2-cup/500 mL Slow-Cooking Sauce Insert.1162 Guacamole/Moss $43.75




    microwave cookingVisit www.smartsteamer.com for more information.

    a Tupperware SmartSteamerMake perfectly steamed food in your microwave. Thisproduct blocks microwaves from cooking foods anddirects them to the Water Tray instead, causing thewater to boil and the steam to rise. Two-tiered systemlets you steam one or two foods at once. IncludesWater Tray, Steamer Base, Colander Tray and Cover.1160 Gu