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Some things to know about tumblr.

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  • 1. Vea Cario Bachelor in Secondary Education University of Santo Tomas

2. Short Background of Tumblr Defined by wikipedia - is a microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Defined by tumblr itself - Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors to your theme's HTML. 3. SLANG Fandom - A show/creation always has a collection of fans with its own art style and in jokes. This collection of said fans is called a fandom.GPOY - Gratuitous Picture of Yourself. May be an actual picture of you, or it could be anything that describes you in any way. Example: When you love a character so much you wish they were real. Oh man, GPOY.Tl;dr - Too long, didnt read. When someone makes a super long post on something, whether it be stupid or not.Canon - The original version of a show/creation before the fans get to it and add their own spin and in jokes. There is always a canon, and most choose to follow it, but it can be deviated from. 4. SLANG Head canon - A slight alteration to the canon inside someones head that adds their own spin to it. People often have head canons about things that were not revealed or mentioned in the original book/movie/show etc.Example: In my head canon, Snapes picture always followed the descendants of Harry Potter around Hogwarts castle, and no-one else. Ship - A pairing in your fandom(s) that you support/love.Otp - One true pairing. That ship you love the most and will defend at any cost.HQ/HD - High quality/high definition. 5. SLANG Perf short for perfect. Word use to describe perfection that you cant actually spot anything wrong with it.Preach - To agree with, strongly. (Same as the slang THIS)Spam - When someone posts a lot of the same stuff all at once.Haters - People who post hate about a person or character/ leave awful messages in peoples ask boxes.Anons - People who leave anonymous messages in others ask boxes. 6. SLANG Quality - Good / awesome. A blog may or may not be a quality blog, depending on your opinions and taste.TMI - Too much information. Often a tag so people can avoid personal posts if they so wish.Slash - A fanfiction term. Originally indicating a fanfiction about a ship, ie; Harry/Hermione, Amy/Rory, etc. Be warned when reading slash; it is not for the immature.Smh - Shake my head.RP - Role play. When two people write a story in turns, each taking the role of one character.Godmoding - When one takes control of anothers character in an RP. Unless otherwise stated, this is a big no-no.Dash - Your dashboard. 7. SLANG Unf - Universal noise of f***ing. As much as I want to make this presentation as clean as possible, but since were talking about tumblr we cant really avoid it.Meme - A collection of useless information that is nonetheless entertaining. There are many different forms of memes, and even more catagories of meme.NSFW - Not safe for work. Things tagged as such should not be looked at at work, for fear of being fired.Hnng - A tumblr mating call. Very attractive people are often tagged as such. Also a greeting to find fellow hipsters on Omegle.Tumblr famous - A term used to describe some blogs that have thousands of followers, and are generally very quality. Blogs are often considered tumblr famous when they reach 1000 followers and stop following back. 8. SLANG Mainstream - The popular culture. Ie, the exact opposite and most hated enemy of tumblr. Facebook is considered mainstream, and therefore it is severely disliked.Reposting - When someone saves a picture and reblogs it as their own. It is basically stealing, and people hate it. The biggest no-no of all the no-nos.Notes - The number of people who have reblogged/liked something.Ugh - A distasteful sigh, often said in frustration.Me gusta - I like. Spanish.Me no gusta - I dont like. Also Spanish. 9. SLANG Tags - The little pieces of text at the bottom of a post that allow you to see similar posts when you click on them. You can track tags, letting you see all posts with these tags. Tracked tags are kept above your search tags bar on the right-hand side of your dash.Dying. Usually means dying from laughter.BB. Baby. Your favourite celebrities/people that you love and will defend at any cost.Angst. Fan fiction term. Sad or depressing fanfiction.Rec. Recommended. Usually used in context of fan fiction. 10. SLANG Queue - A list of tags that someone makes so that tumblr can post it automatically for them when theyre not on.AU - Alternate Universe. Fan fiction term. A what if? Kind of story, that only uses slight changes of canon to look at the possible consequences.Swag - Swag is an immesurable quantity that is gained and lost, and can be compared to awesome. The more swag you have, the more awesome you are. Some people, but very few, have infinite swag.IRL - In real life.Crack - Extremely outlandish ideas that fandoms come up with that are so wildly bizarre that they appear to have been thought up whilst the author was on crack cocaine.Source : http://fivepips.tumblr.com/post/10513662622/a-guide-to-tumblr-terms-and-slang