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  • A space in between Twitter and Facebook, Mr. Coatney@Tumblr

    10 Reasons why hoteliers should start micro-blogging by Eeling @ddih

  • 10 reasons why hoteliers should use TUMBLR

    FREE built-in templates - You have the choice of a large variety of innovative and designful templates that give you the impression scrolling. Ideal for mobiles and tablets.

    DASHBOARD: Low-tech simplicity - The easiest way to blog

    EXPLORE: Follow people/subjects that interest you Or explore by "#"

    A VISUAL PLATFORM - Tumblr Blogs mainly emphasize on images "an image is worth a thousand words". Even the 'Like' button is a heart!

  • MANAGE: Organizing your posts becomes simple you manage when you want to post


    UPDATING: Quick+Easy to update and manage

    It's not about how many people follow you, it more about creating a true brand identity and personality. Tumblr allows you to talk to your audience in a new way.

    WIN points by being an early adopter of a site that is on the rise amoung the younger crowd

    MOBILE FRIENDLY - Optimized app with a simple interface. It seems even easier to publish via iPhone! If you're blogging about local businesses around you this app this is the app you'd need.

  • Morgans hotel grouphttp://morgans-hotels.tumblr.com/

    The Standard Hotelshttp://standardculture.com/

    Examples of Hotels using Tumblr