Tumblr and pinterest presentation for English course at cross media management, KDG, 2nd year

download Tumblr and pinterest presentation for English course at cross media management, KDG, 2nd year

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Transcript of Tumblr and pinterest presentation for English course at cross media management, KDG, 2nd year

  • 1.interest and umblr

2. Social Network Website Active and large community A lot of interaction 3. Usability Tumblr Pinterest 4. Tumblr Control Panel 5. Multiple Blogs? 6. Personal blog 7. Fanblog 8. Pinterest Control Panel 9. Pinterest mainpage 10. Pinterest boards 11. History and growth VS. 12. DECEMBER 2011 2 MILLION DECEMBER 2012 (NOW) 55 MILLION MARCH 2012 5 MILLION APRIL 2012 38,5 MILLION JANUARY 2010 First Pin AUGUST 2010 5 THOUSAND JUNE 2012 49 MILLION Pinterest: History and growth 13. MAY 2007 75 THOUSAND MAY 2009 1,5 MILLION JUNE 2010 10 MILLION MARCH 2011 20 MILLION DECEMBER 2011 40 MILLION DECEMBER 2012 (NOW) 53 MILLION Tumblr: History and growth 14. Comparison of growth Pinterest 2010-2012 Slow growth Boom in April 2012 Steady growth Tumblr 2007-2012 Steady growth Most popular network Comparison of growth 15. Going viral 16. Pinterest Garlic Cheesy Bread Going viral 17. Tumblr Going viral 18. Who and why VS. 19. Resemblances personal interests and ideas Visual content Identity and taste Personal expression 20. Differences Google trends & Compete 21. Google trends : web search volume Pinterest versus Tumblr 22. Geographics 23. Unique visitors pinterest : average internet user Tumblr : more youth 24. Average stay 25. Biggest user group Pinterest females aged between 25 and 44 Tumblr between 18 and 24, of both sexes 26. Personal research Tumblr - blog / website - Possibility to adapt their own theme - no social networking - Loyalty - More man than women - Layout Pinterest - Moodboards - Artistic - Social networking - Linked to Facebook account - More women than men 27. What are the main differences? 28. Etiquette versus Guidelines Pinterest Tumblr 29. Nudity 30. Meanwhile on Tumblr 31. Structure 32. Themes VS. 33. Themes Own design More personal Choose colors More diversity No themes Just the pinboard More structure Cant choose colors Seems identical 34. Scams VS. 35. Spam messages Lol half of your followers are on tumblrdatinggame.com". Tumblr users are younger and single Scam became more successful Create account to hook up with Tumblr users in your area Adult Friend Finder 36. Offspring of Dating Game Fill out the form Pay the $9.95 trial fee Start earning money today Just to get credit card information 37. More than 60.000 users fell for it Reblog link Loved the idea of petting a giraffe 38. Spam links Free copy of the game Repin it 39. The first 50 users Repinning Reblog Picture of a gift card Picture of Starbucks Surveys 40. Brands VS. 41. Brand Page Tumblr 42. Brand Page Pinterest 43. Only Reblog and Like 44. Create Pinboards 45. Comment 46. The Goal of Sociale Media Marketing Offer different content so a broad audience can pick and choose how to consume your content and interact with your brand. The goal is to create content targeted to the audience that is on that particularly platform to achieve maximum Brand awereness Word of Mouth Marketing Business growth 47. The Goal of Sociale Media Marketing: The Today Show 48. Find your target Audience 49. The Lifestyle on Pinterest Pinterest is the perfect place for lifestyle brands or businesses that can create a lifestyle around its brand. 50. McDonalds 51. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 52. Wich One for brands? Target: Women 25-44 years old Lifestyle Particularly visual Target: 18-24 (young people) Visual Audio content Text content