TUBE PREAMP 570 - .Congratulations! Preamp E570 most advanced versatileGuitarpreamps sophisticated

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Transcript of TUBE PREAMP 570 - .Congratulations! Preamp E570 most advanced versatileGuitarpreamps sophisticated

  • Operators ManualPlease, first read this manual carefully!

    Full Tube Guitar Preampwith MIDI-Control


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  • Table of Contentspage

    IntroductionFeatures and Functionality at a GlanceContentsFront Panel Features:

    Rear Panel Features:

    Practical Info and Tips

    Glossary,TroubleshootingTechnical Data,Tube Map, Tube Exchange ServiceWiring of Principal ConnectorsRemote Control OptionsFront Panel Diagrams for Noting Settings



    Handling and Care

    Preamp Defeat; Clean and Crunch Channel Control Features

    Input; Lead I and Lead II Channel Control FeaturesNoise GateWrite/CopyPower

    Mains, Mains Fuse, Ground Lift Switch

    Detailed Specifications and Ratings

    You'll find an ancillary pamphlet accompanying this owner's manual entitledInstructions for the Prevention of Fire, Electrical Shock and Injury.Be sure to read it before you plug in and power up the amp!

    Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Modern/Classic, Mega Lo Punch,Stereo FX Loop

    Noise Gate: Mute Depth, Threshold Level

    Stereo Output: Right & Left, LevelStereo FX Loop: Send, Return Right & LeftAuxiliary InputMIDI Section and Footswitch Ports

    Balanced Line Out: Level, Overload LED, Line Out Status,XLR Ground, Line Output Frequency Compensated

    CAUTION! Please read and heed the following:

    Status-LED: Indications

    Front and Rear Panel Diagrams






  • Congratulations! Preamp E570 mostadvanced versatile Guitar preamps

    sophisticated guitar preamp all-tube technologystate-of-the-art

    microchip circuitry a vast range ofgreat fundamental tones

    controlled remotely via MIDIswitchable

    Noise Gatefrequency-compensated stereo out 4x12" speaker cabinet


    ease of use remarkably intuitivehandlingexcellent sound-shaping options greatest flexibility

    a gigging workhorsestudio home recordingfinely-tweaked, MIDI controllable sound-shaping functions

    wealth of disparate soundsfour basic sounds , , and

    ultra-advanced tone-generating machineplaying pleasure value to boot

    Four basic channels

    Preamp Defeat Function:

    Modern and Classic sound-shaping buttons

    Two Gain variants

    Two voicing sections

    Various sound-shaping buttons

    With the , you now own one of theand available today!

    This marries the unrivalled tone ofto the awesome sound-shaping might of control features powered by

    . This elegant combination puts at your fingertipsand an all but inexhaustible reservoir of compelling

    variations all of which may be . What's more, the preampboasts a host of hip & practical features: To mention just a few, you get a

    for the Crunch, Lead I and Lead II overdrive channels. In addition, the ampsports a featuring

    . You can send a balanced signal to a mixing console via the XLR ports, or anunbalanced signal to a recording device via the stereo jack.

    1. a logical control feature array, utmost and;

    2. and courtesy of the manyvoicing options and special features, and 128 MIDI presets offering a bevy ofprogramming options;

    3. that also sports a speaker simulation system, making ita handy tool for and ;

    4. a combination ofproviding instant access to a ;

    5. the ; with two variable andswitchable Gain levels and two voicing options ( and )for each basic sound, you actually have 16 fundamental sounds to choose from;

    6. an that will give you years ofand .

    -> : , , and with separate Gain,Treble and Volume knobs.

    -> This bypass circuit lets you combine the 570 preampwith further preamps or multi-effect processors to extend the range of your19" rack system's sound-shaping options.

    -> : Determine the basic voicing ofall four channels, giving you a broader, deeper tonal spectrum to work with.

    -> for each of the basic channels: andlet you activate directly two different gain settings for every channel.

    > : one EQ for and (Main Channel 1),and another for and (Main Channel 2).As a special feature, every channel sports a dedicated Treble knob.

    -> tuned to match the tonal requirements ofthe given channels: and for and ,

    and for the two Lead channels.

    This affords you:

    Features and Functionality at a Glance

    Clean Crunch Lead I Lead IIModern Classic

    Clean Crunch Lead I Lead II

    Gain Boost Hi Gain

    Clean CrunchLead I Lead II

    Bright Ultra Bright Clean CrunchContour Mid Edge



  • -> Use this circuit to insert stereo effect devicesinto the signal chain.Programmable stereo effect loop:

    ->The preamp can also be muted via MIDI controller 7.

    -> Use this circuit to insert stereo effect devicesinto the signal chain.

    -> A stereo jack offers ansignal for recording to tape deck or PC.

    -> for routingthe preamp signals to mixers or recording gear.

    -> serve to integrate the preamp into a MIDI system.-> , accessible via 16 MIDI channels.-> The Preamp E570

    The Serial Amp Control Port accepts the Custom Z-9 Footswitch (optional); use itas a conventional switcher to select channels and two sound-shaping functionsdirectly. Then there's the MIDI In, which accepts the Z-9 for use as a simple MIDIfootcontroller or any other MIDI footcontroller. Finally, the preamp is equippedwith a stereo jack that takes a dual footswitch, allowing you to switch the fourchannels remotely.

    -> for suppressing noise in the ,and channels.

    Among the hallmarks of this fine preamp are painstaking workmanship and finishingas well as rigorously tested and carefully selected quality components. You'll findguidelines on care and maintenance of tube amps on page 24. Under the heading Tipsfrom the designer, you'll come across practical tips on the aforementioned featuresthroughout the manual. All critical information concerning the operation of thispreamp is preceded by "NOTE", "CAUTION", "Read and heed" or some other eye-catching comment. We're calling your attention to these remarks for reasons of safetyor other compelling motives, so please give them due consideration.

    Everyone at ENGL is confident that theand are sure to delight you:

    Though this preamp is relatively easy to handle and you're probably raring to give it ago, I recommend that you read the owner's manual thoroughly before you power itup.

    1. ENGL E570 Tube Preamp;2. mains cord;3. this manual;4. a pamphlet entitled


    Stereo Effects Loop:

    unbalanced, frequency-compensated line out

    Balanced, frequency-compensated XLR line stereo outputs

    and ports128 MIDI presets

    offers three different remote interface ports:

    Programmable Noise Gate

    E570 tube preamp's extraordinary versatilityoutstanding features Simply plug in, play and be inspired

    by the tube tone of your ENGL 570preamp!

    A few words of wisdom from the designer:

    MIDI In Thru

    Crunch Lead ILead II

    Instructions for the Prevention of Fire,Electrical Shock and Injury


    Master knob: Overall output level control.Master knob: Overall output level control.


  • Front Panel FeaturesAt the back of the manual, you'll find fold-out diagrams of the front and rear panels.As you're reading the descriptions of the preamp's features, you'll gain a betterunderstanding of the topic of discussion if you unfold and refer to them as we go!

    This option comes in handy when you want to insert another preamp or an effectprocessor into a serial loop along with the ENGL Preamp 570. If the other preamp canalso be bypassed, you can switch between the two preamps on the fly or even runthem both at the same time. If you want to connect a second preamp, insert it into thestereo effects loop and set the Preamp Defeat status and FX Loop status active whenyou want activate the second preamp. You could even daisy chain several preamps oreffect processors.

    Clean channel Gain control. This knob determines the preamp's input sensitivity inClean mode; use it to set the desired input level.

    The amount of distortion depends on your guitar's pickups and the Gain Boost (3)setting. In Clean mode, single-coil pickups may begin saturating the preamp when theknob is set to about the two o'clock position; pickups with very high output levels(humbuckers or active pickups) will evoke mild overdrive at even lower settings. If youwant squeaky clean tone, simply back off the Gain knob accordingly.

    Boosts the input sensitivity of Main Channel 1, and . The red LED abovethis button lights up to indicate is on. can also be switched viaMIDI program change command or the Custom Z-9 Footswitch.

    As its name would imply, serves primarily to up Clean and Crunch channelinput levels, extend both channels' gain ranges. In effect, this feature gives you twoadditional variations on these two channels' basic sounds. For example, you could setthe Clean channel Gain knob to the highest setting at which your guitar signal remainsdistortion-free, just under the preamp clipping threshold. Then when you activate

    , you will overdrive the Clean preamp slightly, yielding a grittier tone well-suited for rock riffs.Another Clean channel option is to use the as a volume booster. To do this,activate and dial in a Clean Gain knob setting, making sure not to push thepreamp into clipping zone. Consider this your high-volume clean tone, say for cluckinglead lines. Switching off gives you a softer clean tone for chord work.Switch back and forth between the two as desired.

    A tip from the designer:

    A tip from the designer:

    A tip from the designer: