TT - · PDF file297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_3 3 18.04.13 15:58 The Audi TT: clear edges, dynamic...

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Transcript of TT - · PDF file297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_3 3 18.04.13 15:58 The Audi TT: clear edges, dynamic...

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    297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_1 1 18.04.13 15:58

    TTAudi TT Coup | TT Roadster Accessories

    Genuine Accessories

  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_02 2 08.05.13 13:03

  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_3 3 18.04.13 15:58

    The Audi TT: clear edges, dynamic lines. But you create the final highlights.

    The Audi TT is something very special. So are its drivers. With Audi Genuine Accessories,

    you have the opportunity to turn a sports car into your sports car. High-quality equipment

    further enhances the dynamism of the Audi TT. Yours too, of course.



    4 Sport and design

    12 Transport

    14 Communication

    16 Family

    18 Comfort and protection

    22 Further communication equipment

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    We havent reinvented the wheel. Although after so many tests, you would almost suppose we had.

    Audi cast aluminium wheels are subjected to constant strain during daily use. Comprehensive testing ensures that they nevertheless

    fulfil the high quality requirements expected of them. Furthermore, the use of complex casting processes results in high component strength.

    And the multiple coats of high-quality paint do not just create a stunning look but also offer effective protection against scratches.


    4 | 5 Sport and design

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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_05 5 29.04.13 17:31


    3 4

    1 Cast aluminium wheels, 10-spoke design,

    royal silver

    High quality and expressive. In size 9 J x 19 for

    255/35 R 19 tyres.

    2 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm design, ibis white

    A colourful highlight for your TT. In size 9 J x 19 for

    255/35 R 19 tyres.

    3 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm design, royal silver

    Eye-catching turbo design in royal silver. In size 9 J x 19

    for 255/35 R 19 tyres.

    4 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm design, black

    Black wheel as an expressive contrast to the vehicle body

    colour. In size 9 J x 19 for 255/35 R 19 tyres.

  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_6 6 18.04.13 15:58

    6 | 7 Sport and design

    One must


    for beauty.

    By undergoing a copper accelerated

    acetic acid salt spray test, for

    example. When our experts test the

    quality of Audi Genuine Accessories

    wheels, they are just as innovative as

    our designers. Intense heat, high

    humidity, strong sunlight there is

    practically no limit to the number

    of possible tests. But the most

    extreme endurance test is the copper

    accelerated acetic acid salt spray test,

    known as CASS. In the test, wheels

    which have been previously damaged

    by simulated stone chips are sprayed

    with this extremely corrosive solution

    for several days. Yet they must over-

    come all these challenges without

    visible adverse effects. So that even

    after many miles, you can be as

    thrilled by the design of your Audi

    Genuine Accessories wheels as you

    were on the first day.








    st a



    m w



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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_07 7 29.04.13 17:31

    3 Wheel bag

    Four-part set with practical carrying handles enables

    easy and clean transportation and storage of complete

    wheel packages. Made from tear-resistant plastic

    material. The wheel bolts can be stored in the outer


    4 Valve caps

    The 4 metal valve caps with the embossed Audi logo

    provide better protection for the valve against dust,

    dirt and moisture. Available for rubber, metal and

    aluminium valves.

    5 Anti-theft wheel bolts

    Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided.

    Helps to prevent theft.

    Snow chains

    For an improved grip on snow and ice. Available in

    various sizes.


    53 4


    1 Cast aluminium wheels, 15-spoke design,

    high-gloss turned finish

    Elegant race design with high-gloss turned rim flange.

    In size 9 J x 18 for 245/40 R 18 tyres.

    2 Cast aluminium winter wheels,

    7 Y-spoke design

    Exceptional complete winter wheel. In size 7 J x 17

    for 225/50 R 17 tyres.

    Fuel efficiency class: F, wet grip class: E, external rolling

    noise class: 68 dB.

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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_8 8 18.04.13 15:59

    The difference between looking good and wow.

    A particularly stylish way to underline the dynamic appearance of the TT Coup and the TT Roadster. A tailgate spoiler and many

    other details such as chrome finish trims or stainless steel sports-style tailpipe trims emphasise the athletic character of your TT.

    8 | 9 Sport and design


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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_9 9 18.04.13 15:59



    1 Side sills

    Underline the dynamic side sections and provide the

    vehicle with an individual touch.

    2 Tailgate spoiler

    A fixed and thus permanently visible variation as

    replacement for the standard, electrically extending

    tailgate spoiler.

    3 Chrome trim strips for radiator grille

    A refined, elegant look in no time.

    4 Exterior mirror housing in aluminium look

    With integral LED indicator. Non-porous surface without

    visible dividing lines.

    Sports-style tailpipe trims

    Twin-branch. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel.

    Available for 4-cylinder models.

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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_10 10 18.04.13 15:59

    1 2

    10 | 11 Sport and design

    *Only in conjunction with the basic package CAN BUS TT.

    1 Illuminated door sill trim*

    The illuminated logo is activated whenever the door is

    opened; i.e. each time you get in or out of the car.

    2 Sports leather steering wheel

    Flat-based: Made from handsewn Nappa leather

    in 3-spoke design. Strengthened steering wheel rim.

    Comfortable to grip. Also available with multifunction

    and/or paddle switches.

    TT_Zubehoer_18_2013_03.indd 10 11.06.13 16:27

  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_11 11 18.04.13 15:59

    To develop the adhesive sheeting, our designers

    travelled back in time to its origins. This took

    them back to 1940s America. Back then, racing

    drivers customised their cars by adding so-called

    vinyls, stickers in the form of chequered flags,

    for example. The name stems from the type of

    plastic used, just as for vinyl records. Today, a

    different material is used, but the idea remains

    the same: A sheet application individualises the

    vehicle and emphasises its sporty character. This

    is particularly the case because Audi designers

    specially develop their concepts for each individual

    model. And for precisely defined positions:

    where the combination of the cars lines, the

    sheets and sunlight create the most impressive

    effect. A result which is made to be seen. Just

    like in the 40s. Only with much more Audi.


    It all began with the vinyls.









    t a





    3 Adhesive sheets

    Creates sporty highlights with graphic design elements.

    The high-quality sheets are very thin, resistant to light

    and tearing. It can be removed without leaving behind

    any residue.

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  • 297x198_TT_AOZ_09_Bild_12 12 18.04.13 15:59

    If your hotel does not offer sport and leisure opportunities, just bring them with you.

    Where will the mood take you next? Skiing in the mountains, for an extended kayak tour or on a

    relaxed bike trip in the countryside? Just make a spontaneous decision. The smart transport solutions

    from Audi Genuine Accessories give you the freedom to spend your leisure time as you want.



    The transport modules are available for the Audi TT Coup. Maximum permissible load 50 kg.

    12 | 13 Transport

    1 Luggage box (370 l)

    Compact box, easy to open with easy-to-clean surface,

    lockable. Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise

    more effectively. (Can only be used in conjunction with

    the carrier unit.)

    2 Ski and luggage box (480 l)

    Ski box for winter sports equipment and other luggage.

    Lockable and can be opened from both sides. Easy to

    clean thanks to smooth surface. (Can only be used in

    conjunction with the carrier unit.)

    3 Ski and snowboard rack

    For the convenient transportation of up to 6 pairs of

    skis or 4 snowboards. Lockable. (Can only be used in

    conjunction with the carrier unit.)

    4 Carrier unit

    Carrier unit for various roof rack modules such as cycle

    racks, kayak racks or ski and luggage box. The profile

    section is made from anodised aluminium tube. The

    carrier unit is easy to install and lockable. Maximum

    permissible total weight of carrier, modules and load

    75 kg.

    5 Kayak rack

    For a single-person kayak weighing up to 25 kg.

    (Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)

    6 Bicycle fork mount

    Comfortable handling. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles

    with a quic