Try Warrior Goddess The 28 Day 1 day trouble losing the weight I gained during my pregnancy. Belly...

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Transcript of Try Warrior Goddess The 28 Day 1 day trouble losing the weight I gained during my pregnancy. Belly...

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    Lisa Ba rwise

    Try The 28 Day

    Warrior G oddess

    Body fo r FREE

    1 day

    Sneak Peak

    Start your transformational journey today to get lean,

    strong and curvy!

  • Welcome...

    I would like to congratulate you and also sincerely thank you for putting your trust and faith in me to invest in my program. I say thank you because I know that it was probably not an easy decision and that you may have (quite possibly) attempted several different programs before, only to be left frustrated and confused.

    I understand how you feel.

    I put together this program because I was in the same place many of you probably are right now and I needed to find a better way. What you’re about to discover is everything I learned to get in the best possible shape in the shortest time possible.

    Over the years I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours and pounds working out what it takes to develop those toned arms, lean midsection, rounded booty, slim thighs and

    defined shoulders - along with ‘shredding’ my entire body at the same time- all while keeping my ‘ladycurves’.

    I have written down and recorded every workout I have

    ever done. I have noted down all the recipes that work best. I have

    read 100s of books, studied under all the teachers, watched hours of videos and you will now see the result of all this study.

    This program is a collection of those notes and everything I do when I want to see real results fast. And, it’s written with the special needs of women in mind.

    I have developed and recommend my program to specifically address the needs of women who have a specific, time bound goal in mind. This could be a special occasion such as your wedding, your birthday, a party or celebration, a work function or basically

    ANYTHING that you want to look your best for!


  • Who it is for

    The Warrior Goddess Body 28 Day Programme. is unlike any other program I’ve ever designed. It was de- signed specifically for the needs of women in their 30s and 40s to solve four of the biggest areas of concern. Namely…

    • To lose body fat fast & tone specific problems areas that have increased with age

    • To combat losing motivation and lack of willpower to continue

    • To embrace our womanly cycles , deal with issues of our hormones and kick start our metabolism and use them as a source of energy to reach our goals

    • To prioritize our self care, health and strength- in both body and mind.

    And it’s created specifically for time-poor women. I lead a busy life just like so many of you. I do not have time for exercise and food preparation to take over my life nor do I enjoy spending hours cooking. So everything I share with you is designed to be the easiest and fastest way possible to get the best results.


  • How will it get you there? My program works by combining:

    • Warrior Goddess Kettle- bell Training – a carefully designed combination of kettlebell, yoga and martial arts designed especially with the needs of women in mind

    • A ethical and unique plant based formula of gluten free, dairy free carb cycling with intermittent fasting for the deep thinking woman


  • How will it get you there? Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training combines the very best in getting you lean, strong and curvy. With the focus on fitness, fat loss and toning those problem areas but it does so for long term

    health with a focus on strength and building lean muscle mass.

    It’s effective because it provides an extensive variety of different work- outs and exercises at different intensity levels, rep speeds and difficul- ty - all centered around targeting each different problem area (upper body, lower body, abs/core and HIIT circuits for aerobic fitness) – that challenge your muscles to adapt so you tone up fast while at the same time raising you’re natural metabolism so you’re burning fat for hours after your workout: not by working harder in the gym or at home, but by working smarter.

    How exactly? For those interested in the science and technology behind my systems, keep reading….

    The problem with most fitness programs is that they’re not designed with women’s needs in mind.

    And, ultimately many are ‘one size fits all’. So one of three things often happen:

    • You lose weight but still have fat. You don’t tone up which means you are still left with unwanted and hard to shift areas of fat

    • You plateau: The body becomes accustomed to the routines, and your results ultimately slow to a grinding halt.

    • You get bored and lose motivation: Doing the same routines with little variety or challenge is not only ineffective over the long term, let’s face it can be downright boring!

    This is because:

    • Other programmes only focused only on Cardio: Which firstly can be boring in itself, but can lead to increases in stress hormones which linger stubbornly around your belly, tops of thighs and hips

    • They don’t take account of important self care, cycles of life or other challenges faced by women

    • And they don’t take account of WHEN and WHAT you eat based on the exercise you do

    The basis of this plan is a 7 day eating and exercise cycle that you’ll repeat over the next 4 weeks (and beyond if you can).

    It’s made up of five different types of days on a 7-day cycle.


  • Real World Proof Over 5,000 people have turned to me via social media and my programs to help them transform their bodies and minds. Before you get started, take a look at just a few of the many success stories from using my pro- grams. This could be you too, in just 4 weeks!

    So please know this….

    Even though we haven’t met, I believe in you and I won’t let you fail. It is my hope that my system will provide a platform for you to achieve anything in your life. So, what are you waiting for? - Let’s get started!










  • Zuzana "Literally this programme has changed my life. I have had trouble losing the weight I gained during my pregnancy. Belly fat is my biggest problem and through the programme I feel really positive with more energy level I used to have. I had much less negative thoughts and it was easier than I thought. And the results speak for themselves. Plus my posture got more straight so I feel my back is stronger.”

    ZuZanna, aGe 33

    Barbara "I have biceps, a flat stomach, the makings of a sixpack and I feel amazing! I struggle with all day energy and sleeping well which can affect how I eat and exercise but this programme helped with all of that and I am motivated to keep going.”

    BaRBaRa, aGe 36



  • • A complete 4-week meal & exercise plan

    • Nutrition & Exercise for all parts of your 28 Day Cycle including heavy flow menu plan and workout plus flexibility

    • Warm up, workout, cool down, yoga and recovery video tutorials

    • Motivational videos

    • Plant Based Recipes for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans

    • Weekly itemised shopping lists

    • Supplement guide

    • Online support forum

    • Forever lifetime access


    What’s included in the full 28 Day Warrior Goddess Body program?

  • Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training

    Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training aims to super- charge your metabolism by incorporating resistance strength training and HIIT circuits, focusing on whole body definition with workouts for at-home, the gym, for beginners or more advanced trainers.

    You will also get access to instructional videos of every exercise in the program, including warm-ups and active recovery.


  • The ethical and unique plant based formula of gluten free, dairy free

    carb cycling Sample Meal Plan:

    BReaK- FaST SnaCKS LunCH SnaCK DInneR


    Chia Seed Pudding

    Hummus & gluten free crackers (4)

    Mushroom & Bacon Omlette with puy lentils, spinach & avocado salad

    Handful of berries (strawberries/ blueberries) if not on chia seed pudding

    Turkey Courgette Patties with and Broccoli & brown rice


    Chia Seed Pudding

    Hummus & gluten free crackers (4)

    Chilli, Feta & Spinach Omlette with puy lentils & avocado

    Handful of berries (strawberries/ blueberries) if not on chia seed pudding

    Smoky Quinoa & Black Bean Chilli


    Chia Seed Pudding

    Hummus & gluten free crackers (4)

    Kale, Lentil & Sesame Seed Salad & avocado

    Handful of berries (strawberries/ blueberries) if not on chia seed pudding

    Smoky Quinoa & Black Bean Chilli


  • Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Sample Workout Plan

    BeGInneRS aDVanCeD

    25 minutes

    Warm Up- Choose one of the 3 warm up sequences

    4 Tabata Rounds

    • Swings, kettlebell squat with pulse, clean & rack single left, tricep extension (then second time through do clean & rack single right)

    • Swings, figure of 8, round the houses, Barbie

    • Squat press, Suitca